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Ontario Floods Prompt State Of Emergency And The Photos Are Shocking

Flooding has impacted Ontario all the way from Kingston to Thunder Bay.
Ontario Floods Prompt State Of Emergency And The Photos Are Shocking

A weekend of warmer weather and precipitation has led to rising flood waters in Ontario. It's gotten so bad that the town of Bracebridge has declared a state of emergency amid flooding that has devastated the region. This comes as locally issued flood warnings are in place for a large majority of Southern Ontario and parts of Northern Ontario as well. 

The warnings span from Kingston, Peterborough, and the Kawarthas, up to Ottawa, through Muskoka, and up to Temiskaming Shores and over in Thunder Bay. That area includes Bracebridge as well, where Mayor Graydon Smith has officially declared a state of emergency. 

The declaration was made Tuesday and reads: "as a result of continuing rising water levels, Mayor Graydon Smith has declared an Emergency under the Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act, and the Town of Bracebridge has activated its Emergency Plan. The Town’s Emergency Control Group (ECG) is monitoring the situation closely."

The declaration also states that "residents are instructed to take measures to mitigate the effects of flooding on their property and monitor all information from the Town." 

Bracebridge also warns that the flooding has caused many roads to be washed out. While crews are working on these roads, they are advising drivers to follow all road warning signs. 

Meanwhile, residents from flooded areas across Ontario are sharing shocking photos and videos of the flood waters on social media. They show buildings, homes, and trees halfway submerged in water. 

This is the second time in recent history that a state of emergency has been declared in Bracebridge due to flooding. Back in 2013 the town also declared an emergency due to rising waters. Experts suggest that the floods now are already more severe than that. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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