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Bradley Cooper Nightmare Alley Filming In Toronto

Now that the world is halfway through January, everyone is back to work after indulging in the holiday season, including actors. Not only are television productions getting back underway across Canada, but new movie sets are being created for upcoming blockbuster films. For Toronto, that means becoming host to some A-list actors over the next few months. Bradley Cooper's Nightmare Alley filming has begun and you might be able to spot him in the city. 

According to What's Filming, the upcoming psychological thriller began production on January 13 and will continue through the first week of May. 

Nightmare Alley, directed by Guillermo del Toro, is a remake of its 1947 counterpart that follows carnival performers who double as criminals after a mentalist named Cooper takes in a psychologist as a show partner. Together the two scheme to take from the rich using their abilities. 

Alongside Cooper and del Toro, the film has some other big names attached to it. The movie will also star Cate Blanchett and Michael Shannon. 

The actors have yet to be spotted out and about around Toronto, but just yesterday Cooper was seen in NYC on a playdate alongside Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Cooper had been hosting the pair and their two oldest daughters, James and Inez, for a playdate with his 2-year-old daughter Lea. 

The actor shares his toddler with ex Irina Shayk. They agreed to a 50-50 custody agreement after their split back in June 2019. 

It's only a matter of time until the 45-year-old actor is walking the Toronto streets filming his first big film since A Star Is Born

However, there hasn't been any news yet on where the exact Toronto filming locations will be.

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