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Brampton Alligator Police Searched For Was Actually A Beaver

This is a pretty bizarre incident and not a typical night for officers in this Ontario city. A Brampton alligator that police searched for overnight actually turned out to be a beaver. Now, that's a Canadian twist nobody saw coming.

At around 9:00 p.m. on May 1, Peel Regional Police got an animal complaint in Brampton.

There were reports of an alligator in a storm drainage pond in the city's west end which is probably not an average animal complaint anywhere in Canada.

Officers went to the scene in search of a five to six-foot alligator.

Putting some humour into the situation, the police force tweeted that, "officers are ready to provide Gator-aid."

Brampton's Animal Control officers also arrived at the scene to help the police search for the elusive creature.

The park was then closed to the public so that a search could be done in the daylight after the sun came up.

Then came the Canadian twist.

At 1:44 a.m. on May 2, Peel Regional Police tweeted that based on a video seen on social media, it was determined that it was a beaver in the water, not an alligator.

So, it turns out that someone just mistook Canada's national animal for a gator.

When it was still believed that a gator was roaming a pond in the city, Brampton's mayor got involved on Twitter.

"Umm...something I thought I would never have to say, Brampton please keep your eyes peeled for an alligator loose in our City," Patrick Brown tweeted.

After it was revealed to be just a beaver, many people took to social media to have a laugh about the situation.

One person tweeted, "to be fair, this mistake is just so Canadian."

"Never change, Brampton," another person said.

While with this incident there wasn't really a gator roaming a pond, other wild animals have been spotted across the country taking strolls and living their best lives.

Calgary's resident turkey has been making the rounds in the city.

In Toronto, coyotes and deer were spotted walking through neighbourhoods and a family of foxes drew attention after they came out of their den underneath a boardwalk.