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Canadian Influencer Has The Best Clapback To NHLer Brendan Leipsic’s Body-Shaming Remarks

Nicole Zajac isn't letting the negativity affect her.
Brendan Leipsic Conversation Gets the Best Clapback From A Canadian Influencer

Not everyone lets negativity get under their skin. The insulting DMs from NHL player Brendan Leipsic that came to light were overwhelmingly directed at women. However, one of them is letting the world know that those words aren't getting her down.

Canadian influencer Nicole Zajac was among the numerous women who had their appearances insulted by Leipsic and other members of the leaked group chats.

However, in a May 7 Instagram post, she let the world know that for all the negativity out there, there are just as many, if not more, positive comments.

"No point focusing on the terrible things people say about you when there are way more positive things that you can be celebrating," Zajac wrote in her caption.

In an email to Narcity, the influencer said that she wasn't surprised conversations like Leipsic's existed, but that it didn't make them okay.

"My hope is that we can use this as an opportunity to make some real progress with body positivity and body acceptance," she said, "a chance to celebrate our diversity."

Zajac wrote that the incident has brought women together, particularly in the Winnipeg community.

"The support has been overwhelmingly positive," she added, "and that’s what I wanted to highlight in my Instagram post - that for every negative comment, there are 1000 positive comments."

The Canadian social media star concluded her statement by saying "This is a great reminder to always be kind to ourselves and others, even when no one is watching."

Screenshots of Leipsic's conversations, which also included fellow NHL player Jack Rodewald, first appeared on Twitter on May 6. 

They prompted a statement from the league condemning the remarks and promising to look into the matter.

On May 8, Leipsic's team, the Washington Capitals, announced that they were putting him on waivers in order to move forward on terminating his contract.

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