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Canadian NHLer Brendan Leipsic’s Misogynistic Instagram DMs Just Got Exposed

The NHL has condemned his 'misogynistic remarks.'

An NHL player has found himself in the penalty box of public opinion. Private messages between Brendan Leipsic of the Washington Capitals and other parties were leaked online. In them, the player and others make derogatory and misogynistic remarks.

The messages from a private Instagram group chat were leaked online and quickly made the rounds on Twitter.

A collection of the screenshots of the conversations (with the names and images of most of the women blocked out) was made available from the account @jackeichs

In them, Leipsic, among others, appeared to be making insulting remarks toward photos of women.

In one case, they even directly insulted the appearance of another NHL player's wife.

The members of the chat also appear to make numerous references to taking drugs.

Some of the conversations also featured fellow NHL player Jack Rodewald, who is on the Florida Panthers. As of May 7, both of their Instagram accounts had been taken down.

The National Hockey League issued a statement condemning the remarks made within the chat by both players.

"There is no place in our League for such statements, attitudes, and behaviour, no matter the forum," the statement reads, "We will address this inexcusable conduct with the clubs and players involved."

In a May 6 tweet, Leipsic posted an apology that appeared to be written in the Apple notes app to his own Twitter account.

"Yesterday my friend's Instagram account was hacked and an individual circulated images that are representative of private conversations I was a part of," the statement reads.

"I fully recognize how inappropriate and offensive these comments are and sincerely apologize to everyone for my actions."

Leipsic then writes that he is committed to learning from this situation and becoming a better person.

The NHL officially suspended the remainder of the season in March due to the global pandemic. However, the league may still go forward with playoffs.