Brendan Leipsic's Contract Is Being Terminated Over His Misogynistic DMs

The messages were leaked on twitter.
Brendan Leipsic Placed On Waivers After Insulting Comments Come To Light

Actions, and in this case words, have consequences. NHL player Brendan Leipsic's team just announced they will be terminating his contract. This comes after insulting and inappropriate private conversations surfaced on Twitter.

The Washington Capitals announced in a May 8 statement that Leipsic had been "placed on unconditional waivers for purposes of terminating his contract."

The statement did not provide further detail on when Leipsic's contract would be fully terminated.

The Canadian hockey player made headlines after screenshots of private Instagram group chats made the rounds on Twitter on May 6.

They showed the player and other people, including fellow NHLer Jack Rodewald, sharing photos of women and, in many cases, insulting their appearances with misogynistic comments.

In one instance, their comments were directed toward the wife of another NHL player.

The conversations also included references to taking drugs.

Shortly after the screenshots came to light, the league issued a statement saying that it would be addressing the "inexcusable conduct" with all of the players and teams involved.

Leipsic also issued his own apology through what appeared to be a screenshot of the iPhone Notes app. 

"I fully recognize how inappropriate and offensive these comments are and sincerely apologize to everyone for my actions," he wrote.

The screenshots of Leipsic’s conversation were shared in full (with the photos of the women in question blocked out) by Twitter user @jackeichs.

Leipsic also devoted some of his conversations to insulting his former teammates in addition to the women he made comments about.

Following the release of the DMs, both Leipsic and Rodewald’s Instagram accounts were taken down.

As of May 8, Jack Rodewald had not yet publicly commented on the conversations between him and Brendan Leipsic.

The NHL officially suspended the season in March due to the global pandemic but has now considered going forward with the playoffs.