British Columbia Has An Official Zombie Survival Guide And It's Hilarious

If you can beat zombies, you can beat anything.
British Columbia Has An Official Zombie Survival Guide And It's Hilarious

Who knew the B.C. government had a sense of humour? On their official website, they've posted a quick guide for "Zombie Preparedness" in case the undead end up wreaking havoc on the province.

PreparedBC, British Columbia's destination for disaster readiness information, prepares guides for all sorts of hazards that could befall on the province, from earthquakes and floods to even zombie outbreaks.

They released the zombie preparedness guide as part of a campaign to raise awareness on real-life emergency procedures. The main message is that if you're prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you're prepared for anything.

The guide opens with the following statement: "Zombies? In B.C.? Are you serious? Well, sorta. While the chance of the undead knockin’ on your door is slim, we do believe if you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for [any] disaster. PreparedBC has an arsenal of zombie preparedness tips to help you survive any emergency."  

The tips they provide also come with accompanying videos:

Tip #1 - Ensure your gas tank is always half full.

Tip #2 - Have emergency kits for your home, office and car.

Tip #3 - Have a plan!

Tip #4 - Get an emergency kit.

Tip #5 - Have an out-of-province contact.

The guide is actually fitting for a place like Canada, which has been voted the second best country for surviving a zombie apocalypse. The Zombie Research Society, which conducted the ranking, had this to say about our home and native land:

"Though its thirty-five million residents are packed along a thin strip at the country’s southern border, gun ownership is common, and there’s plenty of room to head north when the stuff hits the fan."

Canada is also home to the world's finest Zombie Survival Camp (yes, it's a real thing), which helps Canadians across the country master the art of zombie survival. This involves everything from wilderness training, self-defence and weapons mastery.

Maybe the B.C. government wasn't joking with their zombie survival guide after all. Check it out on their website here.

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