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BC Councillor Says Ditching Lattes Will Help Millennials Buy Homes & The Clap Back Is Real

"Fine... but don’t you dare touch my avocado toast."

We may be broke, but we're not about to sip a drip coffee. A city councillor has suggested that millennials need to give up lattes to get on to the British Columbia property ladder. And the inevitable result is that Lois Jackson, a councillor and former mayor of Delta, has made some enemies on social media. 

Jackson’s comments were highlighted by Justin McElroy, a municipal affairs reporter at CBC Vancouver, who posted a video on Twitter

In the video, Jackson is heard saying, “No one will ever be able to really afford a house – you are going to have to wait, and you’re going to have to save, and you’re going to have to scrimp, and you’re going to have to do without a lot of things, including your lattes, and all those other kinds of things, if you want to get into a house.”

She added, “I guess I’m old and crotchety, and I can say these things.”

Commenting on the video, another journalist Julie MacLellan calculated a 20% downpayment on the average Delta home – $182,800 – is equal to more than 41,000 $4.45 grande lattes from Starbucks.

She added, “I’m a Gen Xer who owns a single-family house, which I bought in 2004. I do not for one moment believe I was capable of doing that because of some magical “saving and scrimping” powers that Gen X possesses compared to millennials"

“I got lucky. Unlike Lois Jackson, I know it.”

Another Twitter user, Jensen Edwards, said, “It’s always the damn latte. That poor drink gets a lot of flack.”

Several people on Twitter also suggested Jackson is “out of touch.”

The video has also made its way on to Reddit, where it has sparked a lively debate.

One Reddit user joked, “Fine, I’ll give up lattes, but don’t you dare touch my avocado toast.”

Jackson apparently made the comments during a debate on whether the council should approve a new 40-unit townhouse in Ladner.

The Delta Optimist reported that she was one of four councillors who voted against the proposal, beating the three in favour.

The publication reported that those in favour of the project thought it would provide more affordable homes for young families.

Those against it reportedly had concerns about drainage issues, traffic, and crosswalk safety concerns.

Jackson was quoted saying that she was opposed to the development in part because of concerns raised by local residents.

Two years ago, Australian real estate millionaire Tim Gurner famously angered millennials by suggesting that giving up avocado toast could help them on to the property ladder.

To make things even harder for B.C. millennials, Vancouver has been ranked as one of the world’s least affordable cities.

In December, it was reported that the average Vancouver home costs nine times the median income. 

Narcity has reached out to Lois Jackson for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.