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An Ontarian forest in fall. Right: Tristan Wheeler in a ghost face hole.

An Ontarian forest in fall. Right: Tristan Wheeler in a ghost face hole.

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While I grew up in B.C., I can confidently say that Ontario has the best fall season that I've ever experienced.

I first moved to Toronto, Ontario, in September 2020 from B.C. with a lot of fear about the weather – the brutal winters and the stifling summers.

But one thing that I wasn't prepared for was the beauty of the autumn season in this part of the country.

Even though I grew up in the more rural, interior part of B.C., the fall vibes have never been better than those in central Canada. And compared to Vancouver, where I went to university, well, that's no competition.

So here's why I think Ontario has B.C. beat in the fall department, from the abundant colours to the cozy, crisp weather.

The fall colours

As someone from a part of the country not populated by deciduous trees, I find the fall colours in Ontario simply unbeatable.

There really is nothing that better than walking down the street or driving down a highway surrounded by gorgeous reds, browns and yellows.

An ocean of Douglas firs doesn't give the same effect that a sea of maple, poplars and birches do.

Not to mention the visceral joy of stepping on a crunchy leaf.

The crisp, cool weather

After spending four years living in Vancouver, not being rained on all autumn long is a massive plus. Ontario's cool, cozy weather in the fall really is amazing.

The chill is usually just enough to provide some reprieve from the humid summer heat, but not so much that it reminds you of the deathly cold winter.

For context, one year when I lived in Vancouver, it rained over 28 of the 31 days in October. So, you can understand my desire to be somewhere with a bit less rain.

Perfect weather to pull off 'fits

I'm by no means a major fashionista, but I do appreciate not having to layer tons and tons of protective rain gear during September and October.

I can go out, decked in whatever sweater, plaid or jacket situation I want with no worries about things being too cold, too hot or getting soaked through by the rain.

It feels like autumn in a movie

There's a reason why Toronto is such a popular filming location.

It has the vibe of nearly every anonymous city that you see in movies and on TV, which means that as soon as fall rolls around, it starts feeling like the setting of a cool, spooky horror movie.

How could it not? Jutting glass buildings along with gorgeous brick Victorian mansions – sometimes it feels like a ghost is waiting around the corner!

The plentiful fall activities

Tristan Wheeler partaking in Fall activities in Ontario.

Tristan Wheeler partaking in Fall activities in Ontario.

Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

And because this part of Canada has such a distinct fall season, Ontarians have all the fall activities really planned out.

From corn mazes and fall hiking, to Halloween events, things really start to ramp up in the fall. Of course, B.C. has a bit of this too, but it really does feel like Ontario goes all out.

So, while I think B.C. has Ontario and Toronto beat in a whole lot of ways – the nature of B.C. beats Ontario by a country mile – I really can feel confident saying fall vibes here are way better.

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    Tristan Wheeler
    Trending Staff Writer
    Tristan Wheeler is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Trending Desk focused on money and budgets and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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