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"Broken" On Netflix Canada Will Make You Think Twice Next Time You Go Shopping

The docu-series is currently available for streaming on Netflix.
"Broken" On Netflix Canada

There's no worse feeling in the world than wanting to treat yourself to something on the wish list, but feeling hung up on the price. Luckily for consumers, you can often find similar products online for much cheaper — but is that really a good thing? A new docu-series called Broken on Netflix Canada looked into the issue, and what you find out might shock you.

Back in November, a new documentary series called Broken hit Netflix. The show features four episodes, each of which tackles issues behind different popular consumer goods.

The first episode, "Makeup Mayhem" talks all about how in recent years, demand for cosmetics has gotten so high that some companies have gotten away with making products that contain things like animal feces and superglue.

One person interviewed for the docu-series said that she was tired of waiting to get her hands on a Kylie Lip Kit, so she decided to purchase a knockoff. After applying the product, the girl found that her lips had been literally glued together because of the horrifying ingredients that the product contained.

The show's second episode is called "Big Vape" and talks all about how harmful the vaping industry is, most notably to young, impressionable high school students.

The third episode in the series is called "Deadly Dressers", and focuses on how dangerous disposable furniture can really be. That Ikea dresser may seem like it's good for the environment, but the real danger comes when it isn't put together properly and is at risk of falling on someone.

The final episode in the four-part docu-series is called "Recycling Sham", and encourages viewers to quit the use of single-use plastics entirely because, despite recycling, many of them are still ending up in landfills or on beautiful beaches.

Essentially, the series really calls upon consumers to take action and be more aware of what we're putting into our bodies and bringing into our houses. We're not the only problem, of course — corporations still have plenty of work to do as well.

If you're looking for something new and exciting to watch on Netflix in December, keep a lookout for V Wars on December 5 and The Witcher on December 20.

You can check out the trailer for Broken below.

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