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Bronny James Scores Insane Layup And Gives Steph Curry A Shoutout While In China

The apple does not fall far from the tree
Bronny James Scores Insane Layup And Gives Steph Curry A Shoutout While In China

LeBron James Jr. aka 'Bronny' has been getting plenty of buzz recently and it has nothing to do with his name. Videos have surfaced over the years of the younger James showing potential. However, the recent footage that has made its way onto the web of Bronny balling out in China is proof that the genetics in the James family is strong. The NBA better look out because it seems the James name is going to dominate in the league for years to come.

It's no secret that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are proud parents of two young ballers. The duo grew extremely close throughout their time in Miami and so did their kids. Bronny and Zaire Wade will be joining forces at the high school basketball team in Sierra Canyon School from Los Angeles. 

It seems Los Angeles will be enjoying the second iteration of a Wade and James duo. 

LeBron recently got flack on social media for allegedly overreacting at his son's games this summer. But it appears 'King James' is not having any of it. The Los Angeles Laker star took to social media this week to post an insane layup Bronny scored while he was overseas with his high school team in China.

In fairness, any father would be proud of a layup like this one.

Dwyane Wade made sure to share some of Zaire's moves online as well. 

Both of these kids are looking and playing like superstars already and they're still in high school.

The internet was particularly enjoying a second clip of Bronny. It appears that this was taken before or after a game. Bronny is sitting on the bench when he nails a shot without even getting up. But what fans enjoyed most was who he shouted out after draining the shot. 

You read that right. LeBron James' son called out "Steph" after draining that circus shot. Bronny may be taking some heat from dad after that one. 

Fans used the opportunity to harp on LeBron's running taco Tuesday gag. 

Bronny and Zaire are surely impressing with their talent and potential on the court. It is especially freaky how similar Bronny is becoming to his father. Check this out:

Proving yet again, that the apple does not fall far from the tree. 

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