This is too adorable not to share. A video of Brooklyn Beckham surprising his soccer playing dad, David Beckham is going viral and it's so sweet.

David turned 43-years-old yesterday on Wednesday, May 2nd. David Beckham, his wife Victoria and their children were enjoying their meal in England while celebrating their father's birthday. 

Victoria was filming the whole thing! Their oldest son, Brooklyn nonchalantly strolled in and completely surprised his dad. It was the sweetest thing that we've ever seen. By the looks of it, David did not expect Brooklyn to be there for his birthday. 

You can hear David say, "What are you doing here?" with the biggest grin on his face. David then kisses his son and holds him in a loving embrace until the video turns off. 

After Brooklyn walked in, he gave his dad a huge hug. Even Harper, Brooklyn's sister is heard in the background saying, "I didn't know that Brooklyn was coming." It looks like he surprised everyone!

Source: US Magazine