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Fans Are Raving About Bryan Adams' Show In Montreal Last Night After He Took Song Requests From Fans

"I was moved to tears, not just by nostalgia, but by your new songs as well."

Although we don't tend to get as many awesome concerts here in Canada as other countries get, when artists do come here, they do their absolute best to make sure the show is memorable. If you grew up here, the chances of you knowing at least one Bryan Adams song are pretty high, although a lot of us know his entire discography. Bryan Adams' Montreal concert was sold out.

On Tuesday, July 2nd, legendary Canadian singer Bryan Adams made a stop in Quebec at Montreal's Bell Centre for the Montreal Jazz Festival, where he performed to a sold-out crowd who absolutely loved him.

Fans of all ages have been endlessly raving about the show since it ended on Twitter:

Adams even surprised his Canadian fans by offering to take requests from the crowd to ensure that people got to hear their favourite songs live, something that not a lot of artists do.

One thing that truly sets Adams apart from other artists is how good he sounds live - people always talk about how, when seeing him performing on stage, you'd literally think that you're streaming one of his songs; he's just THAT good.

Other performers at last night's edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival included Nick Murphy, who's better known by his stage name of Chet Faker at the TD Stage, as well as Jenie Thai at the Hyundai Stage.

Adams' next Canadian show on the Shine Like a Light tour will be on Thursday, July 4th in Toronto. He'll be taking on the Budweiser Stage, which ironically enough, he opened 25 years ago as the venue's first performer. Tickets for the show are still available at this link for as cheap as $50, although better seats are available in the $250 range.