Bryce Canyon In Utah Has Virtual Stargazing With Endless Milky Way Views

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Bryce Canyon National Park In Utah Has Virtual Stargazing Tours With Celestial Views

If you are longing for wide-open spaces and the great outdoors, now you can get the next best thing. Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah has virtual stargazing tours that walk you through its "stone-forests" by day, then offers some of the best views of the night sky and the Milky Way at nightfall. It's the perfect escape and you don't even have to leave the couch.

Bryce Canyon is a popular national park, and now you can explore the gorgeous red rocks and towering stone structures from the comfort of home.

The virtual tour offers you the chance to get unfettered access to the area while feeling like you are right there.

You can almost feel the rough texture of the rocks under your fingers, and hear the breeze whistling through the canyon.

The stone pillars are some of the tallest in the world, according to the tour guide who leads the video, and you can see how impressive they are as they tower over the ground below.

It's when the sun sets that the true majesty of nature will blow you away, as the park is one of the darkest areas in the U.S., perfect for stargazing.

You can see the Milky Way in all of its glory since the light pollution does not diminish its brightness.

As the guide talks about the different star clusters, you can almost imagine the crickets by your feet as you gaze up at the inky black sky and try to grasp the enormity of how old the universe is.

You can click around different star formations to learn more about them, or simply traverse the awesome views from your couch.

The magical experience of getting to stargaze in the canyon is one we can't wait to try in person, but the virtual tour is mighty impressive.

The best part is, your wine bottle is only a short walk away, so you can keep the drinks flowing while enjoying the star-filled sky from home.

Bryce Canyon Virtual Tour

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can stargaze from one of the darkest places in the United States and wander the towering rock formations, all from the comfort of home.


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