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BTS Want To Collaborate With Drake & We're Completely Here For it

They want to be the best k-pop group ever!

BTS fans can finally rejoice because the K-Pop group that is literally tearing across the globe is finally back. The team of seven musicians recently took a "break" worrying fans that this break could possibly mean a permanent split. They confirmed with E! News though that their break was "just a vacation" and that they don't have any plans of splitting up. Talking about their future plans wasn't all they had to discuss. They also let the world know who their dream collab would be with and it's gonna make Canadians pretty happy. BTS wants to collaborate with Drake

Earlier this year they had their iconic collaboration with pop singer Halsey releasing the song "Boy With Luv." Back in June, the song reached platinum, marking it as the K-Pop group's second song to reach the status after their song "Mic Drop" last November. Upon their return, they also had nothing but love for Halsey when they were asked who their ideal collab would be with. They said, "Halsey, Love you. You're perfect, Love you." Despite having so much fun working with Halsey there is another artist they'd love to work with. 

When they were asked about future projects they seem to all unanimously agree that they'd love to work with Drake in the future. Who wouldn't? He's a Canadian icon known across the globe. They went as far as to confirm that he is their dream collab. 

Their new goal is to become "the best K-Pop group ever" and at the rate they're going, they're definitely on the right track. Add a huge collaboration with Drake into the mix and their sure to get another song to platinum in no time, it wouldn't be a surprise if it won at the very least an MTV VMA. 

From the way they discuss their fans, and the inspiration they talk about drawing from them during a concert makes their journey to stardom all the more wholesome. It'll be so exciting to see how they grow and change the music scene. They'll sure be getting some more Canadian fans if they do get the opportunity to collab with drake!