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K-Pop Band BTS Visited Niagara Falls And They Were So Surprised By Canadian Weather

"I thought Canada would be colder." Just you wait.

Whether you're a K-Pop fan or not, most of us know by now just how dedicated and hardcore fans of the band BTS are. If you thought that Beliebers or Directioners were intense back in the day, these people are on an entirely different level than that. Considering they come from South Korea, it's not often that BTS gets to spend time in North America, but when they do, people go crazy. In case you missed it, BTS visited Niagara Falls and Canada's weather actually shocked them.

If you're a big fan of the band, you may be familiar with a show they created called Run BTS!, which chronicles their adventures as a group on tour in different cities. The most recent episode was posted on Tuesday, April 30th, and shows their adventures in the city of Toronto and the surrounding area from a few months ago.

In this clip, you can hear the band gawking in total awe of the "magnificent sight" that is Niagara Falls - you see, even big celebrities have fangirl moments too! Throughout the full video, the boys also play all sorts of games with one another, including starring contests and rock paper scissors.

After checking out the Falls, the boys head back into the city of Toronto for lunch. They chose to dine at a Korean restaurant called Ssangkye Braised Chicken House on Steeles (apparently the honey garlic pizza is the best thing on the menu, in case you want to live like BTS for a day).

One thing that really surprised the boys about Canada was the weather, and a few of them even made comments about how they thought it would be colder here. Shortly after though, you see them all with their hands deep in their pockets, wishing they had warn more layers.

If one Canadian BTS video was all you wanted, we've got good news - part two of their Toronto adventures are coming soon! Be sure to stay tuned to their social media accounts for news of the next video, and don't forget to watch them perform live at the Billboard Music Awards tonight!