Buck-A-Beer Is Back In Ontario For This Long Weekend

Seven brewing companies will be participating.
Ontario Editor
Buck-A-Beer Is Back In Ontario For This Long Weekend

With the long weekend in full swing, there's no better way to celebrate Victoria Day than with some of Doug Ford's buck-a-beer. It's been announced that seven brewing companies will be offering their beer for a dollar throughout this weekend only. This buck-a-beer long weekend celebration will only be available at participating LCBOs. 

Before being elected, Doug Ford announced that the government would approve the buck-a-beer program that would allow Ontarians to purchase beer for $1 per bottle, plus the deposit of the bottle. This was part of his plan to "put the people first" however, it was not as successful as Ford had initially planned. 

Narcity reported back in January that the buck-a-beer program was going downhill as the three main brewing companies that were participating in the program pulled out. Barley Days Brewery, President's Choice Brews, and Cool Beer Brewing Company all announced that they would no longer be selling their beer for a dollar year round. 

However, when the last brewing company pulled out of Ford's buck-a-beer promise, Cool Beer Brewing Company informed their customers that they would be bringing back their beer for a dollar during long weekends. Since this announcement, other brewing companies have also announced that they will also be selling buck-a-beer for the long weekend. 

Now that the long weekend has arrived, the Etobicoke based Cool Beer Brewing Company, as well as six other brewing companies, will decrease the price of their beer down to a dollar at your local LCBO. Other companies that will also be participating in this deal will be Barley Days Loon Lager, Lone Star Beer, Laker Premium Lager, Dab Orginal, and Bavaria Premium. 

The iconic No Name beer that made it's debut back in February will also be hitting the shelves for a dollar for the long weekend. The well-known Canadian No Name brand launched this beer at the beginning of the month at stated that it would stay true to the brand's plain and simple style and was described as a "characteristically Canadian style lager." 

If you want to participate in the buck-a-beer deal that's coming back for only the weekend, the LCBO is the place to go. The deal will be on during the opening hours of your local LCBO for today and tomorrow. The LCBO will be closed on Monday, so make sure to grab your beer before Victoria Day. 

Keep in mind that only the LCBO will be participating in this sale. The Beer Store will not be offering buck-a-beer prices at any of its locations throughout Ontario.

If you're taking advantage of the Buck-A-Beer deals make sure drink responsibly and to have a safe and happy long weekend!