How does the saying go again? Right, of course - you only live once. With that being said, you're also only 20-something once...before you're married with kids and have a full-time job that only lets you take two weeks of vacation at a time.

You're young! Go on all the adventures you've ever dreamed of and explore the world. As Doctor Suess once said, "Oh, the places you'll go", and oh yes, with this list, you are going places honey!

We've separated this list into three sections to fit your budget. The prices noted for each destination are approximate daily costs for your average accommodation, food and if you're planning an all-inclusive resort holiday in Bali, I can't guarantee your vacation is going to cost less than $150/day.

So whether your budget is big or small, you can still get away. And do it soon before you hit your quarter life crisis.

Cheap Vacations

💸 Under $100 

Affordable Vacations

💸💸 $100 - $250

Expensive Vacations

💸💸💸 $250 and above

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Cheap Vacations

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1. Palawan Island // Philippines

Price: 💸 ($40/day)

Why you should go: A tropical island with underground river tours, secluded lagoons and secret waterfalls galore, Palawan Island is a true gem of South East Asia. Swim with the tropical fish or hang out with the sea turtles, there's not a whole lot in this world better than this.

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2. Chefchaouen // Morocco

Price: 💸 ($40/day)

Why you should go: This tiny little town in Morocco may be small, but the vibrant culture and endless hospitality of the locals is absolutely brimming. From flavourful spices and cuisine to colourful blue walls and architecture, Chechaouen is a bucket list-must.

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3. Cappadocia // Turkey

Price: 💸 ($50/day)

Why you should go: You didn't know you needed to watch a magical sunset over Turkish valleys with hot air balloons filling the sky until you saw pictures of Cappadocia. You can stay in cave hotels and go hiking through the "Love Valley". If you're going to Istanbul, you can't miss out on Cappadocia.

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4. Bali // Indonesia

Price: 💸 ($70/day)

Why you should go: Bali is literally the birthplace of all your #travelgoals. From giant jungle swings to luxury bamboo huts, clear turquoise waters to lush green palm trees, Bali is a tropical dream.

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5. Angkor Wat // Cambodia

Price: 💸 ($40/day)

Why you should go: The ancient temples of Angkor Wat are arguably the most well-preserved temples in the world. Transport yourself back to the past of Cambodia and be in awe of the sights.

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6. Agra // India

Price: 💸 ($50/day)

Why you should go: From majestic sights to exotic smells, Agra is an absolute must in India. Of course you'll have to visit the famous Taj Mahal, but also the bazaars, Akbar’s Mausoleum, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Fort.

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7. Jaipur // India

Price: 💸 ($30/day)

Why you should go: Start your trip through the Rajasthan region and travel through the magical Pink City. Jaipur is the place to be for India's latest fashions, historical palaces that will transport you back in time, and ancient forts that are totally Insta-worthy.

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8. Chiang Mai // Thailand

Price: 💸 ($50/day)

Why you should go: The coast of Thailand is always swamped with tourists. Instead, head up to Chiang Mai for a traditional experience of Thailand. With gorgeous temples and incredible views, you've never seen Thailand like this before

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Affordable Vacations

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9. Rio De Janeiro // Brazil

Price: 💸💸 ($100/day)

Why you should go: Incredible beaches and poppin' night life, Rio De Janeiro is the epitome of tropical city vibes. You definitely have to chill at the beaches and take a trip to the Christ the Redeemer statue as well as Sugarloaf Mountain.

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10. Santorini // Greece

Price: 💸💸 ($150/day)

Why you should go: Is it overrated? Yes. But is it a totally worth going? Also yes. Santorini may be a hot tourist destination, but it is for a reason. The views are absolutely breath taking, and you might even be able to find your very own Kostas.

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11. Berlin // Germany

Price: 💸💸💸 ($150/day)

Why you should go: If you're a hipster at heart, Berlin is the place for you. A city full of culture, history, love and positivity. I think it's also really important for everyone to go once in their life to understand the Holocaust and come face to face with the pains of human history. It's definitely a life changing experience.

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12. Porto // Portugal

Price: 💸💸 ($100/day)

Why you should go: If you visit Portugal, of course you're going to visit Lisbon. But don't leave without visiting the beautiful city of Porto just a few hours outside Lisbon. Take in all the blue and white china architecture and beautiful views, as well as all the Portuguese egg tarts and wine you can stuff inside your belly.

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13. Banff // Canada

Price: 💸💸 ($100/day)

Why you should go: The beauty of the True North is unparalleled. Hiking through the awe-inspiring mountains and canoeing on the pristine lakes of Banff in Canada is like nothing you'll ever experience in your life.

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14. New Orleans // United States

Price: 💸💸 ($200/day)

Why you should go: If you want to experience the purest form of true Southern hospitality, you have to go to New Orleans. With an unofficial city motto like "let the good times roll" and as the birthplace of Ellen DeGeneres, it's got to be party down there, right? The best time to go is a week or two before Mari Gras - it get's LIT.

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15. Machu Picchu // Peru

Price: 💸💸 ($120/day)

Why you should go: It's finally time to bust out those elementary school social studies facts about the Incas and impress those backpackers. These magical and majestic ruins are truly a sight to see and should be on everyone's bucket list.

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16. Yasawa Islands // Fiji

Price: 💸💸 ($150/day)

Why you should go: The teeny, tiny islands of the Yasawas are so incredibly underrated. Take some time off of the main island and spend some quiet relaxation time in the Yasawas.

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17. Matamata // New Zealand

Price: 💸 💸 ($160/day)

Why you should go: If you're a LOTR fan, you should've already been to Matamata like...yesterday. With lush green rolling hills and marshes, breathtaking waterfalls and a hobbit hole that is just freaking adorable, you and J.R.R. Tolkien would be happy that you went.

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18. Byron Bay // Australia

Price: 💸 💸 ($170/day)

Why you should go: Don't get me wrong, Sydney and Melbourne are beautiful cities, but the destination you absolutely cannot miss is Byron Bay. It's a small community filled with 20-somethings ready to spend their days surfing and tanning...sometimes with sharks!

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19. Taormina // Italy

Price: 💸 💸 ($140/day)

Why you should go: Named the most beautiful place on earth, Taormina (just a short trip away from Naples) is a small town with the most incredible views of the Ionian and the Mediterranean Sea. Check out the ancient colosseums and the narrow street stairwells.

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20. Dublin // Ireland

Price: 💸💸 ($150/day)

Why you should go: Beer, beer, beer and more beer. Dublin is the place to be for good beer and good company. Then you'll definitely have to make your way across the country to see the Cliffs of Moher in Galway, as well as the colourful homes of Limerick.

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21. Split // Croatia

Price: 💸💸 ($140/day)

Why you should go: If you've ever wanted to swim in a waterfall, Croatia is the place to do it. There are tons of super fun waterparks on the beaches of Split. And Just a few hours drive from the city is the beautiful Krka National Park and Plitvice National Park.

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22. Tokyo // Japan

Price: 💸💸 ($150/day)

Why you should go: Maid cafes and rainbow cotton candy, onsens and vending machine ramen and more, Tokyo is a city unlike any other. A truly unique place with people with eccentric fashion choices and super delicious food, you must add Tokyo to your bucket list.

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23. Hong Kong // Hong Kong (SAR)

Price: 💸💸💸 ($180/day)

Why you should go: You don't know what fast-pace means until you've been to Hong Kong. As one of the most densely populated cities in the world, there is tons of exciting things to do for everyone. From nightlife to crazy food, amazing shopping and beautiful hikes, Hong Kong is truly a unique gem.

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24. Barcelona // Spain

Price: 💸💸 ($170/day)

Why you should go: Gaudi, tapas and Barcelonetta Beach - Barcelona is one of the most colourful and vibrant cities in Spain. With incredible sights like the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, as well as the delicious tapas and prosciutto at the St. Josep Market, Barcelona will give you a trip that you'll never forget

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25. London // England

Price: 💸💸💸($250/day)

Why you should go: London has a special place in my heart, and as soon as you visit, you'll know why. From the English architecture and beautiful gardens, to the fine cuisine and trendy shopping alleys, London is a city of lights and excitements that everyone has to visit at least once.

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26. Reykjavik // Iceland

Price: 💸💸💸 ($360/day)

Why you should go: Reykjavik is a tiny town, but also the capital city of Iceland. This destination may or may not have crossed your mind, but it definitely should now. With unbelievable black sand glacier beaches, colourful therapeutic theraputic black lagoon, how can you not visit this Icelandic beauty?

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27. New York // United States

Price: 💸💸💸 ($280/day)

Why you should go: New York, New York - the big apple city has a reputation for a reason. From walking along Brooklyn Bridge, shopping in SoHo, thrifting in Hell's Kitching, to eating good food well...everywhere, the city that never sleeps is your next perfect vacation

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28. Versailles // France

Price: 💸💸💸 ($250/day)

Why you should go: Let's just say, you don't even know the beginning of the word "luxury" until you've been to Versaille. Just a short train-ride away from Paris is the expansive property of the Château de Versailles - home to over 800 hectares of castles, gardens, fountains and of course, the palace. Moreover, the city itself has beautiful cathedrals and museums to marvel at.