The Heart of Dixie is blessed with natural wonders. One of those gems is Buck's Pocket State Park in Alabama, nestled within the picturesque setting in the northern part of the state. This state park has a peaceful trail tucked amongst the trees that will lead you to a breathtaking view of the Appalachian Mountains.

Point Rock Trail is a 1.1-mile path that is perfect for hikers. The trail begins at the Little Sauty Bridge in Buck's Pocket Canyon, near the park's campgrounds. The trail is named as such after the formation of sandstone foundations that created the canyon, according to the park's website.

During your trek, you'll encounter such features as the Little Sauty Creek, a buffet of wildflowers and ferns, and unique formations that have existed in the area for nearly 250 million years

Once you've reached the end of the trail, therein lies the payoff, a drop-dead gorgeous view of Buck's Pocket at the Point Rock Overlook. Here, you can witness the towering trees painting the canyon floor a dreamy green.

The Point Rock Overlook is equipped with railings to keep hikers safe, but if you're adventurous, you can venture out on to the gorge itself. Keep in mind, however, that you'll be 800 feet above the canyon floor. 

While the Point Rock Trail provides the best views of the canyon, the trail isn't for novice hikers. It is considered a "moderate-to-hard" trail due to consistent climbing, the park's website says.

If you're searching for a less-intensive trail, but still want the view payoff, try the High Bluff Trail, a 1/2-mile trail that passes by refreshing streams and features a towering beech tree right in front of the trail's overhang. 

Experiencing the beauty of Buck's Pocket State Park was almost not to be. The campground is set to reopen in June after being stuck in financial limbo for three years, according to

Since then, the park has included enhancements like adding an off-road-vehicle trail for thrill-seekers looking to take in the natural gifts this lush escape has to offer.

Buck's Pocket State Park

Address: 393 County Road 174, Grove Oak, AL 35975

Why you should visit: This park has beautiful trails that will lead to expansive views of the Appalachian Mountains. 


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