Tinder is probably the biggest and most successful dating app on the market right now. The user base is huge which guarantees tons of matches but there's a lot of problems, one of which being the 'hookup only' culture that surrounds it.

That's why a lot of people have started to switch over to Bumble, which offers a lot of things that Tinder doesn't. It's basically the same concept but the women have to message the men first within 24hrs and the men have to answer back within 24hrs or the match disappears. It's trying to market itself as a feminist dating app, steering away from the hookup culture and into an actual dating dating app.

It's an interesting concept giving women the 'upper hand' in the dating game for once. But this app is definitely not all it's cracked up to be. The concept is great but is the app really worth it? You be the judge!

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Bumble Expectations

Everyone Is Going To Be Super Attractive

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Bumble is known to have more attractive people than other, similar dating apps. No one really knows why, though. Maybe it's because of the whole 'women message first' thing or maybe people are just sick of Tinder.

Bumble Reality

Not Everyone Is Super Model Status

While most people would say there are more attractive people on Bumble compared to Tinder, there's still a lot of people that aren't super models in the mix too. You can't expect everyone to be a 10 right?

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Bumble Expectations

You Find Someone That's Attractive And You Think You Have A Lot In Common

Wow, you found someone you think is super cute in all of their photos AND their bio shows that you actually might have a lot in common! It's rare but it happens. So you send them your funniest pickup line and are super excited for their witty response.

Bumble Reality

They Never Answer You Back And The Match Expires

Bumble has that thing where the woman has to message the guy within 24 hours or the match expires and then the guy has to message the woman back within 24 hours or it expires. It makes sense but this leads to barely any conversation being had ever.. you end up getting a lot of unanswered messages on Bumble.

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Bumble Expectations

You Connect Really Well Over Bumble So Your Date Will Be Great

When you finally meet someone who doesn't send you a d*ck pic or a creepy message and you can finally enjoy a fun conversation! Eventually you'll want to move your relationship from online to IRL so the next step is a date and why wouldn't it go well, right?

Bumble Reality

You Don't Connect At All In Real Life

When you finally meet in real life you don't have anything to talk about at all. It's such a let down because you had great conversations online but sometimes that internet connection just doesn't translate to in-person.

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Bumble Expectations

You're Excited To Meet New And Interesting People

Starting to use Bumble means an endless stream of new people to chat with. Meeting new people is super fun and you never know if you could be meeting someone that you'll have a real connection with.

Bumble Reality

You See Someone You Hooked Up With 5 Years Ago, Tons Of Mutual Friends And The Barista At Your Local Coffee Shop

Since Bumble is an app that shows you other users from your area, you're bound to run into people that you know that also use the app. It's always a little surprising and you get that 'can they see me right now??' feeling whenever it happens. You always run into the people that you least want to see, that's just how the universe works.

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Bumble Expectations

You'll Have Great Conversations With Someone Funny And Witty

You expect to meet super cool, witty people with a great sense of humour on Bumble. People that you can stay up all night talking with and really just enjoying having a conversation. Maybe it leads somewhere and maybe it doesn't!

Bumble Reality

You Get Tons Of Creepy And Inappropriate Messages

This is something all women have to deal with if they want to sign up for a dating app like Bumble. You go in with expectations of good conversation and cool people, and you come out with an album full of d*ck pics and creepy objectifying messages at the end.

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Bumble Expectations

Once You Start Chatting With Someone You'll Eventually Go On A Date

When you've been chatting for a while the next step is to ask for their phone number or to just ask them out on a date. That's the normal progression of events when you match with someone on a dating app, unless their totally creepy and you've blocked them already.

Bumble Reality

You Lose Interest Or The Conversation Ends Before You Get To An Actual Date

This happens a lot on Bumble, I have no idea why. Usually on apps like Tinder people are super eager to meet up in person, but on Bumble not so much. Either you lose interest in the person or the conversation just ends by one of you ghosting the other. You rarely actually make it to a real date with this app.

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Bumble Expectations

You Find The Person Of Your Dreams

They're attractive, have a good job and they have a witty bio? Sounds like the perfect person! After swiping left on so many people you're super excited to get that "you matched" message and start a convo.

Bumble Reality

You Accidentally Swipe Left

Bumble is a little different from Tinder because it has a feature where, if you accidentally swipe left you can get the match back, which is a relief for when this sort of situation happens. But it only allows you 3 back swipes so if you're swiping left super fast all the time, slow it down so you don't use them all up!

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Bumble Expectations

You'll Swipe Right And Match With So Many Attractive People

Bumble is said to have tons of attractive people on the app, which is a nice change from the super mixed bag you get on Tinder. It must be a great app if all the super hot people are using it, right?

Bumble Reality

You Never Match With Them Because They're Fake Profiles

A lot of people have complained that Bumble shows all these super attractive people on their app but they'll never match you back because they're completely fake profiles. I guess it's a ploy to show that all these super attractive people love using Bumble, but it's just not real.

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Bumble Expectations

You'll Get A Bunch Of Matches Right Away

Bumble actually has 50/50 guys and girls users so you'd think it would be a super equal place for both genders to get an equal amount of matches. It shouldn't be that hard to swipe through 10-20 people and get at least 1 match, right?

Bumble Reality

Guys Can Swipe Through Hundreds Of Girls And Not Get Any Matches

177 Bumble users reviewed the app and said that they were having serious problems with getting matches on the app. One guy wrote that he swiped through 250+ girls and got 0 matches! Seems like there's something fishy going on with their algorithm.

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Bumble Expectations

You Meet Them For A Date And They're Even More Attractive Than Their Pictures

Isn't it the dream when you finally meet up with the person you're messaging with over Bumble and they're actually hotter than their pictures made them look?

Bumble Reality

They Look Nothing Like Their Pictures In Real Life

When you meet someone from a dating app in real life, chances are they're going to look nothing like their pictures. If they don't take pictures of themselves regularly, they'll look much older than they did in the photos and maybe they even used photoshop to deceive people.