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Burger King Canada Has "Ghost Nuggets" For Halloween But They're Not What You Think

They are described as tasting "totally unreal."
Burger King Canada Has "Ghost Nuggets" For Halloween But They're Not What You Think

Like many other companies and businesses across the country, Burger King has created a one-off Halloween special offer on their 10-piece chicken nuggets, and you don’t want to miss it! However, Burger King Canada’s special “Ghost Nuggets” are unlike any special offer you’ve had before, they’re completely free and they’re supposed to taste “totally unreal.”

Burger King Canada first introduced their special offer through a special advertising campaign on social media. In a promotional video on Twitter, the company explains that you can get the special bonus “Ghost Nuggets” if you purchase their 10-piece chicken nuggets box for just $2.99, any time between now and Halloween.

In another promotional video, shared on the Burger King Canada's Instagram page, the special “Ghost Nuggets” are shown with an accompanying sauce. However, because they’re ghost nuggets, they’re pretty hard to see! In fact, it almost looks like there’s no nuggets there at all …

From the video, the special-offer Ghost Nuggets appear to be tenderless, boneless, meatless, and even extremely low in calories!

Naturally, Canadians had some questions for Burger King about the Ghost Nuggets special-offer. Taking to Twitter, one person asked, “How many “ghost nuggets” do I receive? Your answer will decide whether I purchase the 10pc nuggets.”

To which Burger King simply responded, “Well that depends on how much spooky nugget you think you can handle.”

Another person tweeted Burger King to say, “I am getting these tonight, I totally better get my ghost nuggets this time.”

On their website, Burger King explains that the Ghost Nuggets are served “Piping cold with an order of $2.99 10pc chicken nuggets.”

The website adds, “They're lightly breaded with your sauciest secrets. Tenderless, boneless, and meatless on the inside; crispless, tasteless, and touchless on the outside.”To claim your special offer Ghost Nuggets, all you have to do is order Burger King’s 10-piece chicken nuggets for $2.99.

No app, voucher, or even comment is required!

If you’re desperate to try these mysterious Ghost Nuggets, you can enquire in participating Burger King locations across Canada. They’re available until Halloween but are notoriously hard to get your hands on.

Good luck!

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