Burger King's Nescafé Cold Brew Shake Might Be Canada's Best New Summer Drink

Ah, coffee. That magical drink that helps us keep our eyes open in the morning and pay attention through meetings. This summer, there's an all-new, delicious way to get your caffeine fix! Stay cool and awake with the Burger King cold brew shake made with Nescafé coffee. 

Burger King just introduced this dreamy shake to its menu, and it looks like a coffee lover's wildest fantasy. Coffee + ice cream all whipped up into a drinkable treat? What could be better?

The new shake involves creamy folds of the chain's soft serve blended with vanilla sauce and rich Nescafé cold brew concentrate. Of course, no milkshake would be complete without topping, and this drink is finished off with a large dollop of sweet whipped cream. 

If you're already dreaming about this amazing new milkshake, then you better get to Burger King fast! The Nescafé shake is here for a limited time only, so drink up before it's gone.

Some other shake favourites from Burger King include the Kit Kat shake, the Oreo shake, the Smarties shake, and their classic hand-spun shakes in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The perfect companion to your burger and fries!