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This Hotel In West Texas Lets You Spend The Night In The Coolest Tepees Ever

What an amazing place to watch the sunset

There are many forms of glamping nowadays. People can stay in extreme luxury or find a happy medium depending on the experience they're looking for. One of the coolest places to go glamping in Texas is Buzzard's Roost. The site is just like a hotel except all of their rooms are tepees.

The tepees are cozy and fit one to two people each, but don't be fooled by their size because they are luxurious and fully furnished. The tepees come with a queen-sized bed, a futon, and mini fridge. They also have coffee makers inside so you'll never have to go through a caffeine withdrawal.

The space also comes with outlets and wifi so you can snuggle up and watch some movies while hanging out in the desert. If you happen to be planning your trip during the colder months of the year, a personal heater is also provided for you so you can stay nice and warm without missing the out on the gorgeous West Texas views.

All of their tepees have outdoor seating and a fire pit you're allowed to use as long as you bring your own firewood. When you stay at the Buzzard's Roost, you will have to share a communal bathroom and if you're feeling it, you can take a picture for them to add to their "wall of butts". The wall is made of pictures that guests have given to the site as a thank you gift. Don't ask us why this is a tradition, you'll have to ask them for yourself!

Rooms start at $105 a night and come in all different sizes in case you are looking for a tepee with a little more space. Burzzard's Roost is located at 333 Goat Track Trail in Terlingua, Texas, just a few minutes away from the Big Bend National Park. To book your stay or for more information on the site, you can visit their official website here.