18 Ways To Show Your BFF In Your Life You Give A Sh*t

Little things or big things, just do it.

I think everyone on this earth can agree that all we want to feel is loved. I know that sounds really cheesy, but hey who doesn't want to feel good about themselves more often than not? My one piece of advice about how to care for people: Just give a shit. 

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At the end of the day, all you have to do for your friends and family is to just listen, care for them or give them $5. It's the little things you know? Well if you don't know, then read below for 19 things you can do to show the people in your life, you care about them: 

1. Listen (Without your phone in your hand)

We're all guilty of not listening to our friend's stories. You slowly pull out your phone mid way through and then all of a sudden you're half way through your Instagram feed and the story is over. Bad friend. Just listen.

2. Genuinely ask them how their day was 

Don't ask me how my day was only for me to tell you the funniest story on the planet and then have you not react. If you don't care don't ask! (But you should care, please don't fake care).

3. Offer to do something your friend is interested in

We all have that one friend who is interested in ancient artefacts that is always asking to go on squad trips to the ROM, but everyone says no (just me?). Just make the sacrifice and do the things your friends like sometimes. It'll make them feel like you (you guessed it) give a shit.


If you're in a meeting, at work or in an emergency sure you don't have to answer me right away. But man what does a girl have to do to get a text back? Show people you care by picking up the phone.

5. Make plans in person 

This goes with number 4 a bit, if you really want someone to believe that you care about them, texting all day without making an effort to see them face to face is not going to help. 

6. Buy them food

I'm serious. One time my roommate brought home pad thai without me even asking. It was an emotional day for our friendship. 

7. Send them pictures or videos that remind you of them 

What shows people you care more than tagging each other in memes?

8. Genuinely support them

Go to their family and friends night at work, go to their dance show, go to their band's opening night. Always show your support whatever way you can because you WANT to. Not just so they'll support you back.

9. Remember things about their life

"What are you doing tonight?" "For the 100th time, it's my mom's birthday and she's coming to town." This is the most annoying conversation to have with friends. Remeber key dates people!

10. Tell them how you really feel 

Just in general. If I see my friends making bad decisions or doing shady things, I'll be the first one to call them out. Caring about people means not letting them suffer.

11. Stick up for them. Constantly.

If you hear someone talking about people you care about and you just ignore it and don't respond, that doesn't count as sticking up for them. Don't let people you care about be gossiped about. This isn't high school. 

12. Don't ask them to change 

Opposites attract right? If you're friends are different than you, it's a good thing. 

13. Don't give up 

When shit gets hard or real, sticking around will make the people around you know you got them. And they'll have you when you're feeling down too. 

14. Be loyal 

You know that line from Grease: "When a guy picks a chick over his buddies, somethin' gotta be wrong!" This is the truest statement ever. Don't leave your friends hanging.

15. Compliment them 

Who doesn't like hearing: "you look nice today" every once in a while?

16. Brag about them 

This goes hand in hand with compliments. You should let other people know how cool the people in your life are. 

17. Showing off your relationship on social media 

You know when you get that 'tag' notification on Instagram and then all of a sudden you're in tears? Sappy Instagram posts = life. 

18. Ask if they're okay

This is like #1 most important thing of all. The best possible way to show someone you give a shit, ask if they're okay. And if they're not, be there. 

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