36 Signs You May Have Been Ratchet In The 2000s

Take a trip down memory lane.

Ratchetry is a constantly evolving art form. It requires a good grasp of trends, strong attention to detail and an unwavering confidence to pull off. Popular opinion may suggest that being ratchet is something to be embarrassed about; but really, it's something that should be embraced and celebrated. 

Because at its core, being ratchet is a demonstration of a person's sheer self-awareness. It shows that they're unapologetically secure with who they are and what they like. So even if you had a ratchet past, it's nothing to be ashamed of - all of those experiences contributed to your growth as a person, and they'll forever remain a part of who you are.

Besides, things that are considered ratchet today were way cool in the 2000s.

That being said, here are 45 signs you may have been ratchet in the 2000s that will bring back warm and fuzzy feelings of the simpler days:

Note: This is all just for fun. Take seriously at your own risk!




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