Everyone knows that back to school is when you dress to impress. With all the sports events, frosh parties, and activities, you'll want to be looking your best. People say don't judge a book by its cover, but we all know they're gonna judge a girl by her outfit. 

Fashion is one of my favourite things because it really gives you a chance to express yourself. Whether you wanna be bad n' boujee or laid back n' lowkey, there's always a perfect outfit for you. 

The Calgary fashion blogging scene is incredible, and while I definitely love looking at Pinterest for fashion inspo, there's something about supporting local bloggers that seems so much more personable and fun. If outfit inspo is what you're after, start creeping the grams of some of these girls:

Ania Boniecka // @aniab 

Gabi Conac // @gabiconac

Vivienne // @ohheyvivienne

Joie M. // @thisisjoiem

Morgan LaRose // @larosedujour

Reese Nyguyenn // @reesenyguyenn

Tatiana Sarah // @tatianaxsarah

Taryn Roy // @peplumsandpushups

Nisha Johny // @nishajohny 

Amy Nelson // @amyflyingakite

Tanisha Cherry // @tanisha.cherry

Justine Celina Maguire // @justinecelina

Christine Fiorini // @fortheloveof.c

Alexandra Philps // @sincerley.a.l.e.x

Ashley Dolph // @fourthandfawn

Teagan Leone // @loveleone_blog

Emily Thwaites // @itssimplyem_ 

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