20 "Secret Restaurants" In Calgary You've Got To Check Out

Don't let yourself get hangry this holiday szn.

When it comes time to go out to grab a bite at a restaurant, it's easy enough to pick a familiar favourite, and have that become your go-to hangout. Whether it's for wing Wednesday with the boys, or Sunday brunch with the girls, it's easy to become comfortable in the same spot every week.

We think that it's time to break out of that routine. How will you ever find a new favourite if you don't switch it up from time to time, and try something new? Sure, there's that one spot Downtown with that really great mimosa you look forward to every time you visit, but what if there's another spot, with an even better drink that you've been missing out on?

Calgary is a city that's full of great, lowkey spots to grab a bite. It's just a matter of taking the time to find them, and then making the time to check them out. Even if you're swamped with studying for finals, and have convinced yourself you have no time to explore, think again. Lowkey cafes can actually be some of the best places to get your cramming done, or to distract yourself by people watching.

Don't let your life become a boring routine, especially during your golden years; head to a new part of town, and try out one of our great cities' best kept secrets. There's no time like the present to treat yourself.

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