Dining out is great. Dining out with a view is even better. Calgary has arguably one of the most beautiful cityscapes in Canada (I'm probably a little biased) and that cityscape is definitely meant to be admired. And what compliments a delicious meal better than a breathtaking view?

These restaurants are definitely the perfect place to enjoy a romantic date, a couple drinks with the pals or just a wonderful spot to sit back and enjoy the beauties of life.

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Sky 360 // Calgary Tower (101 9 Ave SW)

Tour the whole city in just one meal. Calgary's Sky 360 restaurant located inside the tower will take you on a revolving adventure through the city of Calgary. Side note: it's a slow revolving adventure - you don't need to worry about a serious case of vertigo.

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Murrietta's Bar + Grill // 808 1 St SW

If you're looking to grab a drink with the pals and enjoy a view of the beautiful Stephen Ave, visit the balcony at Murrietta's West Coast Bar and Grill.

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The Lake House // 747 Lake Bonavista Dr SE

If you're looking for a quiet, serene place to dine, look no further. The Lake House is the perfect place to enjoy a delightful meal. This Calgary restaurant overlooks the gorgeous Lake Bonavista. The view is nearly as pretty as your date.

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The Deane House // 806 9 Ave SE

The historic Deane House recently opened it's new restaurant and the view is absolutely stunning. Choose between sitting next to their gorgeous garden on the patio or getting a lovely scenic view of the city from inside.

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Charbar // Simmons Building, 618 Confluence Way SE

The rooftop patio at Charbar provides you with an insane view of downtown. Not to mention, the food is A+. Can we also admire how beautiful The Bow is looking? *heart eyes emoji*

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River Cafe // 25 Prince's Island Park

The River Cafe in Prince's Island Park is surrounded by gorgeous nature, the Bow River and a beautiful view of the city. This restaurant is practically submerged in trees, so you get the best of both worlds when it comes to city and country. But the scenery isn't the only perk to this gourmet restaurant, the food will have your taste buds falling in love.

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Q Haute Cuisine // 100 La Caille Pl SW

If you're looking for a sophisticated dining experience with a beautiful view of the Bow River, Q Haute Cuisine has got your back. Great scenery and even better food.

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Julio's Barrio // 1110 Memorial Dr NW

The patio at Julio's Barrio gives you the most beautiful view of Downtown that you'll enjoy almost as much as their Enchiladas. The beauty of Calgary and the deliciousness of Mexican cuisine... lord almighty.

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