Ever heard of Pannenkoek? Basically they're like the Dutch version of French crepes (but tbh they're even better). Ever heard of Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus? Well, The Food Network has, and so has Global TV, so you should probably get up to speed.

Basically, the restaurant is an UNREAL pannenkoek spot that serves up dutch pancakes that are, no joke, bigger than your face. They have over 40 (!!!) different varieties of both sweet and savoury pancakes (including a vegetarian option), plus you can even build your own! The best part is since they're so ginormous, you'll totally have leftovers to enjoy again later. Check out these decadent breakfasts:

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In the mood for something more pizza-like? Their savoury pannenkoeken are basically pizza but better. They're so loaded with unreal toppings that you'll forget you're even eating a pancake! Check out these lunch items:

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For all those Dutchies out there, they also sell a selection of Dutch classics including stroopwafels, speculaas cookies, and amandel marsepein. Plus they have a selection of Dutch giftware, so it's basically like you went to Amsterdam!

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Whether you're from The Netherlands or not, you definitely need to try out this Dutch delicacy. With options for everyone, it's the perfect place to take the friend group or the fam for Sunday brunch (or any day brunch for that matter). They're located at 2439 54th Ave SW, so go check em out and see if you can finish a pancake that's bigger than your face!

Grab your wooden shoes, it's brunch time folks. 

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