Greek pizza definitely seems a bit underrated. There are virtually no restaurants in Canada that have been hyped for this special food. Especially with all the food craze going on with gyros, greek fries and deep dish pizzas.. this year might be the year for Greek Pizza to make its glorious stand. Opa!

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At Niko's Pizza, they serve delicious gourmet Greek pizzas and salads. Pizzas are prepared daily with homemade crust topped with mozzarella. The best part-- they are a family owned business! Everyone knows family-owned pizza parlours serve absolute gem pizzas. Just look at their thick cheese pulls on Instagram.

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What's really worth noting at Niko's is that their homemade pizza really loads on the cheese. You can spot their massive cheese pulls from a mile away. The tops of their pizzas are slightly fried so it's crispy to the bite, like the typical Greek fried cheese Saganaki. Since the tops of the pizzas are crispy, it allows for a great cheesy as well as melty contrast, oozing from the center of the pie. You can also grab a side of Greek salad to accompany your delicious Greek pizza pie. 

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Niko's Pizza is located at 1405 11 St SW in Calgary. They are open from 4pm until 11pm on weekdays, and 4pm until 12am on weekends.

For more info and details, please visit their website.

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