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This Stunning Calgary Patio Will Transport You To The South Of Italy

This patio is absolutely stunning.

Have you always wanted to go to Italy but flights have always been way too freaking expensive? Or maybe you've been before and need a little nostalgia jerker to be transported back? Or perhaps you just love Italian food and are in the mood for some A+ Risotto. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to go, there is a restaurant in Calgary that can literally make you feel like you've transported to the sunny Italian countryside. All you need to do is look at their patio and you'll see what I mean...

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The patio is adorned with hanging vines and plants everywhere - they even grow their own herbs out in the garden! Fresh ingredients make everything taste so much better. 

The Mediterranean colours of the walls and furniture tie everything together, as do the garden sculptures and fireplace. The patio roof allows for the perfect amount of light in so that you're not dying in the heat but also not freezing in the shade. It's quite possibly the most idyllic patio in all of Calgary. 

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Oh and let's not forget what you're there for in the first place - the food. This restaurant serves up absolutely delectable Italian dishes that will get you saying "Ah, just-a like-a Nonna used ta make", even if you're not Italian and don't have a Nonna.

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Need to know where you can get this amazing Italian experience? The answer lies right in the heart of downtown, on 8th Ave. Bonterra Trattoria is definitely your next destination for date night or dinner with the fam. Pick a nice sunny afternoon and give yourself a little vacation without even leaving the city!

Bonterra Trattoria is located at 1016 8 Street SW. For information on their hours, click here

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