Ah, summer. Hot days, warm nights, and gorgeous blue skies that seem to last until midnight. There's nothing better than a summer in Calgary. With so many cool events that get you outside and into the city, summer can get pretty hot. Especially on those 30 degree days where the sun is beating down on you and you have to slather on sunscreen every 5 seconds. 

What better way to cool down than with a frozen treat? And not just any frozen treat, a GOURMET frozen popsicle, because it's time for you to #treatyoself. 

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It's all the nostalgia from when you ate popsicles as a kid, but ramped up in tastiness and quality (although still not sure anything could ever rival those Lifesaver popsicles). These popsicles are freaking DELICIOUS, and they come in a bunch of cool flavours that vary daily.

Some of the epic popsicles include their award-winning Dulce De Leche Mini Donut, Chocolate Dipped Orange Dream, Root Beer Float, White Chocolate Raspberry, Watermelon, Cookies n' Cream, and the list goes on. 

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Drooling yet? You definitely need to hunt down their food truck this summer and satisfy your craving. Look out for information on their food truck location, click here. They're popping up all over town this summer! 

If you're not a fan of running all over the city on a popsicle hunt, you can also find them at Southcentre Mall. 

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