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You Can Get These Insane Rainbow Bagels In Calgary And Here's Where

Talk about bae-goals.

Everyone loves a good ol' fashioned bagel. Plain, sesame, multigrain, jalepeño cheddar, they're all good. Like seriously, when have you ever had a bad bagel? They're foolproof. 

But recently, there's been a huge trend taking the Internet by storm that is putting a new twist on the classic breakfast item. Two words: rainbow bagel. Sound amazing? Yeah, it fricken is. Just look at these gorgeous hunks of bread. The more you look at them the more entranced you get by their mesmerizing beauty. You know what the best part is? You can get them here in Calgary.

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@bagelinosyycembedded via  

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They're sure to seriously up your Insta game, and add a little excitement to your otherwise boring breakfast routine. You can even get them with sprinkles if you're looking for a little extra PIZAZZ. This bagel joint also makes specialty bagel colours for different occasions such as Christmas and Halloween. 

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@bagelinosyycembedded via  

Where can you get these to-die-for bagels? Bagelino's. And you can't just get these rainbow coloured ones whenever you want. They are super exclusive, and only make them every so often. You can sign up to get on the waitlist here, that way you will ensure you get one. 

They're located at 809 7th Street SW, and are open 7 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday. 

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