Let's cut to the chase, we've all used online dating to some extent before. However, it's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It seems like everyone in the city is on Tinder, POF, OKCupid or some form of online dating platform. Can you really blame them? We have the ability to swipe through almost every bachelor/bachelorette in Calgary from the comfort of our own homes. Who wouldn't take advantage of that?

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Of course, we can't assume that all the bachelors/bachelorettes in the city are eligible. Calgary is a large city with many different kinds of girls. So, here's a guide to make finding your "Mrs. Right" a little easier in Calgary:

The Girl Who Loves Her Dog (aka the Animal Lover)

Pros? She has a lot of love to give. Cons? She'll probably give 90% of it to your dog.

Age: 18+

Occupation: Anything from a sales associate to a lawyer.

Part of the City: Downtown/South

Character Traits:

  • Has something along the lines of "I love my dog more than I'll ever love you" in her bio.
  • Feels the undying need to pet every single dog she comes across.
  • Speaks to pets in a baby voice (may accidentally speak to you in the same voice).
  • Refers to her pets as her "children."
  • Unsure if she actually likes humans.
  • Uses Snapchat filters on her animals.
  • Will swipe right just for your dog.

Dating Site of Choice: Tinder, OKCupid

Looking for: Someone who will be able to love her dog as much as she does and accept that they will always come second to her dog, no matter the circumstance.

The MUA (Makeup Artist)

Pros? Her eyebrows are always on fleek. Cons? You'll have to wait for her to fleek that eyebrow, so get comfortable because that shit takes time.

Age: 18-22

Occupation: Student at Eveline Charles Academy. Works at Sephora, MAC, Shoppers Drug Mart, Eveline Charles, or a clothing store.

Part of the City: North/Downtown

Character Traits:

  • Probably takes more photos of her eyes than her face.
  • Will go to great lengths to make sure the camera catches her highlight.
  • Spends most of her free time watching makeup tutorials.
  • Makeup collection costs more than your car.
  • Spends endless amounts of money at Sephora.
  • Does not care about your opinion on makeup.
  • Will swipe right if you have nice eyebrows.

Dating Site of Choice: Tinder, POF

Looking for: Someone to buy her makeup and tell her that her contour looks nice.

The Selfie Queen/"Instagram Baddie"

Pros? She's got confidence for days! Cons? She's obsessed with IG.

Age: 18-19

Occupation: Somewhere between unemployed & Sales Associate

Part of the City: North

Character Traits:

  • IG is 95-100% selfies. Will post 3 different versions of the same selfie.
  • Cares more about her IG feed aesthetic than you.
  • Sees outfits on IG/Tumblr and tries to recreate them entirely.
  • Loves herself a little too much.
  • Constantly channelling/worshiping the Kardashian-Jenners.
  • Makes facebook statuses/tweets about fake friends daily.
  • Will swipe right and probably forget to message you back.

Dating Site of Choice: Tinder

Looking for: A Sugar Daddy/ Chauffeur.

The Party Gal

Pros? They're a great time! Cons? They can certainly be a handful.

Age: 18-26

Occupation: College Student, Sales Associate, Cashier, Receptionist

Part of the City: Downtown/South

Character Traits:

  • Has been to almost every bar/club in the city.
  • Most likely goes to Mount Royal or SAIT
  • Never met a cocktail she didn't like.
  • Goes out most weekends, most of her IG pics are of her and her friends partying.
  • Commonly found at Commonwealth, Murmur, Cowboys, Standard & In Cahoots.
  • Super friendly, makes friends at the club easily, everybody's drinking buddy.
  • Swipes right on everyone.

Dating Site of Choice: Tinder

Looking for: A drinking partner/Someone who doesn't mind being DD.

The Sophisti-Ratchets (form of Party Gal)

Pros? They're the business and the party. Cons? Is there really a downside to this?

Age: 18-26

Occupation: Student, Receptionist, Waitress, Nurse

Part of the City: Mostly North, sometimes Downtown

Character Traits:

  • Sunday - Friday at 5pm: Very sophisticated, serious about their business. Friday at 8pm - Saturday: Pure madness.
  • Commonly found at Jimmy's Nightclub, Blue Diamond, PURE, etc.
  • Outfits are always from SIRENS or Urban Behaviour.
  • Can twerk like it's nobody's business.
  • Will either wear sneakers with a dress or six-inch heels. There's no in between.
  • Not very friendly, will successfully curve every dude in the club.
  • Always on the guest list to avoid paying cover.
  • Swipes left on everyone.

Dating Site of Choice: All of them.

Looking For: Surprisingly... a husband.

The Artist

Pros? Free-spirited, open-minded, rebel without a cause. But she has no time for your bullsh!t.

Age: 18-27

Occupation: Student at Alberta College of Art & Design, Tattoo Artist, Piercer, Photographer Hairstylist, or Freelancer

Part of the City: North/Downtown

Character Traits:

  • Typically comes off as unfriendly. (RBF, but a sweetheart!)
  • Definitely a music/movie snob.
  • Shops purely at second-hand stores, Hot Topic and/or Urban Outfitters.
  • Always drawing, painting, taking photos, doing makeup.
  • Wholeheartedly believes she has the best Tumblr/Pinterest you've ever seen.
  • Listens to pop-punk/alternative music, probably owns a record player.
  • 99.9% of her clothes are black.
  • Very religious about tattoos & piercings.
  • Swipes right if she approves of your music taste.

Dating Site of Choice: Tinder

Looking for: Someone with tattoos & decent morals.

The Lady Boss

Pros? She's about her business. Cons? You may not always be that "business."

Age: 22+

Occupation: Entrepreneur/Business Owner, Business/Law/Med School Student

Part of the City: Downtown/South

Character Traits:

  • WORK.A.HOLIC. Lives for her career.
  • Never seen without a cup of coffee.
  • Constantly channelling Olivia Pope.
  • Probably has two phones.
  • Always busy, never has time for dates.
  • Will probably give you her business card when you ask for her number.
  • Outfits are always on point.
  • Refuses to admit she's online dating.

Dating Site of Choice: POF, OKCupid

Looking for: A steady man who has his sh!t together to build an 'empire' with.

The Girl Next Door

Pros? The nicest person you'll ever meet. Cons? She's most likely not flirting with you.

Age: 18-21

Occupation: Student, Sales Associate, Waitress at Joey's, Moxie's, Cactus Club or a Coffee Shop

Part of the City: South

Character Traits:

  • Probably has a cat or small animal (hamster, bunny, reptile)
  • Genuinely nice person.
  • Shops at TNA, Aritzia, Ardene and Forever 21
  • Never met a coffee shop she didn't take an IG pic in.
  • Owns too many phone cases (Girl, you only got one phone!)
  • Has a beautiful Tumblr/IG page aesthetic.
  • Has watched every season of The Office, Gossip Girl, Friends, Parks & Rec and/or The Mindy Project multiple times.
  • Reads Narcity Calgary.
  • Swipes right on nearly everyone.

Dating Site of Choice: Tinder, OKCupid

Looking For: Friends.

Have you found your Calg-erella?

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