Something all my fellow Calgarians can agree on is that we're always up for an adventure. With easy access to Banff and the Rocky Mountains, there's no terrain too rugged for us. However, if you find that you've been in more stirrups than stilettos, maybe it's time to try something new. One foolproof way to shake things up and escape your daily routine is a weekend away in Las Vegas, of course!

We all know Las Vegas is the destination to go to have a good time. But there’s a lot more to the city than casinos, hotels, and nightlife on its famous Strip (seriously)! From mind-blowing restaurants and museums to scenic natural wonders and tranquil spas, Las Vegas is the ultimate spot to flee to this season if you want a little excitement (and R&R) in your life.

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With countless of amazing places to eat, Las Vegas is a foodie’s dream. It’s the only place where you can eat at restaurants owned by many celebrity chefs, all in one place. From Mario Batali, to Gordon Ramsay, to Wolfgang Puck, almost every world-class chef has an eatery (or two) here.

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When it's -10 degrees outside and snowing, there's nothing more appealing than thinking about sipping cocktails by the pool with Diplo spinning tracks in the background...lucky for you, there is a magical place that exists where you can do exactly that! If you're looking for a spot that combines chilling by the pool with good music and fun vibes, Vegas has some awesome beach clubs like Drai’s and Encore (they're pretty much a tropical vacation and a concert rolled into one amazing experience).

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Calgary is known for the beautiful outdoors but did you know Las Vegas is pretty magical as well? If you prefer hiking outdoors to doing shots poolside at a day club, you won't be bored in Vegas either! There are many natural wonders to see just a short drive away from The Strip like Lake Mead (where you can cruise on an authentic, three-level, Mississippi-style paddle wheeler) or The Hoover Dam (where you can take in scenic views and get an Instagram-worthy shot).

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If that's not enough, there's also plenty of other things to see if you're feeling adventurous. If you're down to splurge with a few friends on a helicopter sightseeing tour, you won't regret flying over the Grand Canyon and catching incredible views of the Las Vegas skyline after dark. Or, challenge your squad to a round of golf (and a round of beers) at Topgolf at MGM Grand!

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The words "tranquil" and "relaxing" don't initially pop up when we think of Vegas. But when it comes to spas, Las Vegas does not play around! There are so many opulent spas where you can pamper yourself, such as The Bathhouse at Delano Las Vegas (filled with exotic baths, pools, and waterfalls) or the spa at the Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino (where you can visit four treatment rooms that offer services like reflexology and acupuncture!) It's the perfect place to escape to and decompress with your S/O or best friend.

So whether you need a relaxing escape from the Calgary cold or want to turn up somewhere other than Cowboys this weekend; Las Vegas is the perfect place to let loose and have fun. You really can do it all in Las Vegas!

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