Calgary is the home to some very expensive houses. That may come as no surprise since Alberta prides itself on its wealth. That wealth definitely shows in these luxurious communities, where it almost seems like money grows on the trees.

However, since we're all obviously gonna be millionaires one day, the major key is to plan ahead and take a look at where you'll be rolling in your stacks of money and parking your cars that cost more than everyone's tuition. Here are 10 communities in Calgary that are perfect for our millionaire lifestyles. Who knows, maybe we'll all be neighbors.

Mount Royal

Quadrant: SW

Average Home Price: $3,149,669 (2012)

Highest Priced Home: $5,998,000

Pump Hill

Quadrant: SW

Average Home Price: $2,931,004 (2011)

Highest Priced Home:  $12,380,000


Quadrant: SW

Average Home Price: $2,313,333 (2014)

Highest Priced Home: $4,500,000

Aspen Woods

Quadrant: SW

Average Home Price: $1,714,466

Highest Priced Home: $12,250,000

Artesia/Heritage Pointe

Quadrant: S

Average Home Price: $1,200,113

Highest Priced Home: $2,199,900

Rideau Park

Quadrant: SW

Average Home Price: $2,828,300

Highest Priced Home: $4,650,000

Crescent Heights

Quadrant: NW

Average Home Price: $847,063

Highest Priced Home: $11,500,000

Briar Hill

Quadrant: NW

Average Home Price: $1,712,529

Highest Priced Home: $6,900,000

Elbow Park

Quadrant: SW

Average Home Price: $2,079,562

Highest Priced Home: $5,300,000


Quadrant: SW

Average Home Price: $1,504,552 (2012)

Highest Priced Home: $30,000,000

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