If you're going for a girl's night out in Calgary, there are few things to expect: For one, you'll immediately regret wearing heels approximately 8 seconds into standing in line. Two, you'll regret leaving your coat in the car while waiting in line and three, you will run into a few typical Calgarian men.

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Depending on what you're into these men could be blessing or a curse. You've probably run into one at Cowboys, Hudson's, Commonwealth, Jimmy's or many other bars and nightclubs around the city. Most Calgarian girls are pretty familiar with these types of guys that you'll definitely meet at Calgary bars:

The "Country Boy"

Age: 18-25

Location: Hudsons, Cowboys, sometimes Commonwealth

Ah, Calgary's infamous country boys. You can spot these dudes in cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, or in a nice, tight-fitting pair of Wranglers with a large belt buckle. Most likely chugging back a beer and being a pretty obnoxious. Probably the most common guy in Calgary.

The "Pick-Up Artists"

Age: mid-20s to late-30s.

Location: Anywhere and everywhere

Probably the most irritating type of guy you'll meet at a bar/club. Will aggressively come at you with half-assed compliments and pick up lines. Some of these will be mildly offensive. This type of guy is here for one thing and one thing only: to get a girl to go home with him. Warning: Pick up artists will most likely get angry when rejected and will instantly transition from calling you "beautiful" to calling you a "b!tch."

The Creep

Age: Too old.

Location: Cowboy's, Jimmy's, Murmur

This guy will stare at you until you make random eye contact and proceed to smile, wink, bite or lick his lip and gesture for you to come over to him. Their vibe just makes you uncomfortable. Often talks too close and uses phrases like, "You come around here often?"... yeah, no thank you...

The "Stare-er"

Age: mid-20s.

Location: Everywhere.

The dude that stares at you from across the bar but never actually talks to you. You've probably made eye contact with him once every 5-10 minutes since you walked in, but you both stay in your respective corners. At some point, you'll probably even question if he's staring because he thinks you're good-looking or he's completely disgusted by you. Eventually, you'll get too drunk to really care. This dude can often be a variation of "The Creep.

The Rigs-Worker

Age: Mid-20s to late-30's

Location: Cowboy's, Hudsons, Marquee

This guy works in the rigs/oil & gas and you will know that within minutes of meeting him. He's "down here for the weekend" and "just looking to have a good time." Frequents the city's country bars. The good thing about The Rigs-Worker is that he will try to impress you with how much money he makes, so he will supply you with a fair amount of drinks.

The "Wing Man"

Age: This one has no limit.

Location: Everywhere. You'll never get away from this.

Usually the less attractive friend of the dude that's trying to hit on your best friend. The guy you'll entertain because you're a good friend. Definitely not the best at what he does. Tragically fails to distract you from the obvious fact that you are being "wing-manned." In rare cases, they'll buy you a drink; which you'll need to withstand the shitty conversation while your friend giggles and tosses her hair over his attractive friend.

The Dad/"Uncle"

Age: Old enough to be your father.

Location: Jimmy's, Cowboys

Probably a friend of your father's. This dude probably has children your age, but that will definitely not stop him from hitting on you. Talks way too close and usually smells of alcohol, broken marriages and regret.

The "DJ" / "Promoter" / "Music Artist"

Age: 20-25

Location: Marquee, Commonwealth, Jimmy's, Murmur

This guy really thinks he's gonna be the next big thing. Local music artist, promoting his Soundcloud link. When you ask him what he does, he tells you he's a DJ, Promoter or Music Artist when in reality, he's just part of the DJ's entourage and is a sales associate.

The "Wall-Flowers"

Age: Wallflower-ism knows no age.

Location: All of them.

You will find this guy with his back practically glued to a wall. These guys just go out to watch, basically. Too cool to dance or actually socialize. The Wall-flowers are commonly found leaning against every wall in the club/bar, drink in hand, slightly nodding or tapping their foot to the beat. Often you'll find them complaining about how the art of conversation is dead and how stuck up 'females' are.

The "Dude who's just here to have a good time."

Age: 18-24

Location: Murmur, Cowboys, Marquee... Anywhere, really. But they're a rare breed.

Probably the best type of dude to be around. You'll catch him glued to the dancefloor with drink in hand, singing along to every song. Will definitely make you feel like you're a better dancer than you are. These dude's will manage to dance with you without getting overly hands-y and definitely get the hint when you wanna be left alone.

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