Calgary is the home to some of the most attractive people to ever exist. However, they aren't always easy to find. Tinder has definitely made it possible to scope out the cute dudes in the city. But sometimes it's more fun to meet people the old-fashioned way.

YYC has an abundance of bars and restaurants where you might meet the guy of your dreams, but choose wisely. Try your luck at one of these 14 Places Where The Hottest Guys In Calgary Hangout:

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Jimmy's Nightclub // 1316 33 St NE

Jimmy's is the top spot for the urban scene in YYC. Jimmy's hosts "Society Fridays" every Friday night and "Social Saturdays" every Saturday night. With different themes every weekend and amazing DJs, Jimmy's will have you poppin' to Hip Hop, Reggae, Soca and Afrobeats. This is the perfect place to find yourself a nice man.

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Cowboys Calgary // 421 12 Ave SE

Country gals, grab your boots and head on over to Cowboys Calgary. Cowboys is one of YYC's most well-known bars/clubs. It's extremely popular around stampede and amongst those in the country scene (aka most of Calgary). Not to mention they're open until 2 A.M. Wednesday to Saturday. This is the best place to find yourself a country hunk in YYC. You know what they say, "save a horse, ride a cowboy".

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Fire N Ice Bar & Sheesha Lounge // 854 16 Ave SW

Fire N Ice is a popular urban sheesha bar in downtown YYC. It's well known for it's "Trap Thursdays" event every Thursday night. Snapbacks and gold chains all night.

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Commonwealth Bar & Stage // 731 10 Ave SW

Commonwealth is a popular bar amongst the 18 to 21-year-olds in Calgary. This multi-level bar caters to most music types. The DJs play different genres on each floor, so if you're not feeling the main level, you can head on upstairs for a change of scenery. Commonwealth is also the home of the infamous bathroom couch that you see in almost every Calgary girl's IG. You might wanna hop on that bandwagon while you're there. Commonwealth is the uncommon bar for common people.

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Pure Nightclub // 100-815 10 Ave SW

Vietnamese kitchen by day, urban nightclub by night. Pure is pretty low-key since most people thinks it's a restaurant. Little do they know, it's actually the best kept secret for a great night out. Pure is known for its themed nights, like their All Black Affair, All White Party, and Dashiki Night. You're destined to find a hunk at Pure Nightclub.

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Nite Owl // 213 10 Ave SW

Nite Owl (previously "Vinyl") is one of YYC's most diverse nightclubs. The music ranges from Hip-Hop to Reggae to Techno. Don't worry, it depends on the DJ - they won't play all the genres in one night. Nite Owl has a nice mix of guys and I must say, they are all very attractive.

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Marquee Beer Market & Stage // 4630 Macleod Tr S

Whether it's a concert, an after party or just a normal club night, there is always something going on at Marquee. You're likely to find a cute guy with a stellar music taste here.

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Cloud 9 YYC // 4816 Macleod Tr SW

Embrace that Middle Eastern swag at Cloud 9 YYC Sheesha Bar & Lounge. The environment at Cloud 9 is super low-key and chill. The music is a mixture of today's Rap/Hip-Hop hits as well as some Middle Eastern music. Maybe find someone to show you how to properly smoke sheesha if you're like me and you have no idea what you're doing. Take it from me, coughing up a lung in front of the cute guy at the table beside you, is so not cute. #EMBARRASSING

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National on 10th // #210 313 10 Ave SW

National is a great bar to scope out mature men in Calgary. The over 25 crowd that's out for a drink or two can be found here. This is one of YYC's more popular bars, with 4 locations scattered across the city. There is a National on 10th, 17th, 4th and in Westhills. Lucky for us, all of them are flooded with cute men.

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Blue Diamond Bar & Lounge // 3603 17 Ave SE

Hype music in a chill atmosphere. Blue Diamond is an urban sheesha bar on 17th Ave SE known for "Industry Fridays" every Friday night. The music ranges from Hip-Hop/Rap to Afrobeats by DJ Yung Jaah. Sidenote, this is another place where I coughed up a lung in front of a cute guy... Maybe shisha isn't for everybody.

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Standard YYC // 111 7 Ave SW

Standard is one of the best places in YYC to turn up with your squad. This basement nightclub plays amazing music, by awesome DJs and has crowd of people that is far from basic. So get a glass of liquid courage and ask a cute guy to dance.

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Hudson's Pub // 16061 Macleod Tr SE

Probably the most "Canadian" place you'll ever go to. Hudson's is your average pub, but the guys that go there are far above average. Grab yourself a Canadian boy and a bellini - both are to die for!

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Local 522 Public Tavern // 510 17 Ave SW

Local 522 is a tavern/club located in downtown Calgary. Usually Local is just a modern pub, but occasionally they host events that draw out all the hunks from hiding. When they do, you gotta catch 'em quick... like Pokemon.

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Murmur Nightclub // 6307B Centre St S

YYC's favourite high-energy nightclub is back! Murmur had it's grand re-opening this past weekend and is now open every Friday and Saturday night. Good music, strobe lights and cute guys all night long.

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