If you grew up in Calgary, chances are very high you've worked in retail at some point. Whether it be in Sunridge, Market Mall, or Cross Iron, you know the retail struggle all too well. Those of us who've worked at Chinook Centre, however, have our very own set of problems to deal with. 

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Chinook is easily one of the largest, and therefore craziest, malls in Calgs. You basically have to be insane to work there. Work will definitely make you want to pull your hair out sometimes, especially on the busy days, but the insane things you see every day make the job worth it.

1. Parking

Finding parking on any weekend or holiday is damn near impossible. I have spent a solid 20 minutes on a Saturday afternoon driving through every parking lot and parkade looking for a spot, just to have it stolen by a soccer mom in her mini van.

2. When people ask you for directions

Maybe this is just a me thing, but I avoid the 95% of the mall that isn't the food court, or my workplace. If you ask me how to get to Abercrombie & Fitch, chances are I'll stare at you blankly and point you towards the nearest directory.

3. Pre-teens in the mall

Obnoxious, selfie-taking, display-destroying, pre-teens. Whether you have to watch them ruin the sweater table you JUST finished folding, or you have to listen to them scream while they're waiting in line, you probably hate them.

4. The escalators are constantly broken

Nobody knows why, but it seems like every escalator in Chinook is always broken. The down escalator being broken isn't the end of the world, but when the up one is broken, it feels like you're climbing Mount Everest.

5. People assuming your store is the same as every other store

"But I just did a return at The Gap without a receipt."

Sweetie, this isn't The Gap. We have different computer systems, and completely different ways of doing things. 

6. Having to park off mall property during Christmas time

WTF is even with that anyways? I'm not about to park 2 blocks away and walk through the mountains of snow, just so customers can have better parking.

7. We're the only mall in Calgary that's open late on weekends

I don't know about you, but I'm reallllll tired of working until 7 on Sundays. Who even goes to the mall past 5pm on a Sunday anyways?

8. Food Court lines

Oh boy. My favourite thing in the world is when the person in front of me finally gets to the front of the line, after waiting 5 minutes, and STILL hasn't decided. They then proceed to take another 5 minutes to decide, and before you know it, you've wasted half your break waiting in line.

9. The Food Court in general

If we're being honest, Chinook's food court is seriously lacking options. We're one of the biggest and busiest malls in Calgary, but we're stuck eating Opa or KFC everyday. 

10. No Tim Hortons

Don't argue with me, the one in the theatre doesn't count. Every other mall has at least one, if not three, Tim Hortons. Why are we forced to splurge on Starbucks or Second Cup?

 11. The time capsule count down in the middle of the mall

Does anyone even know what that thing is? There is nothing worse than when the person in front of you suddenly stops to inspect this thing on the floor, causing you to run into them.

12. Holiday shoppers

I'm convinced that the Chinook holiday shoppers are worse than any other mall. If I had a dollar for every angry, impatient, sale-hungry customer I've had to deal with, I wouldn't need to work retail anymore.

13. Stressing about boxing day in June

Chinook on Boxing Day is a gong show. Anyone who's worked it probably still has nightmares to this day.

14. Customers who don't understand the mall layout

NOT EVERY STORE WITH 2 LEVELS LEADS TO THE UPPER FLOOR IN THE MALL. I don't even want to think about how many times customers have come upstairs in H&M and asked me if they're in The Bay, or if they can get to the rest of the mall. 

15. When you need to go shopping, you'll drive across town to get to any mall but Chinook

Chances are you spend enough time there anyways, and you already know what you'll have to deal with. Might as well just avoid it and make the trip to Cross Iron.

16. The walk from the C-Train station to the Mall

No matter what season it is, this always sucks. Trudging through the snow, or sweating your makeup off in the heat on your walk to work is never fun.

17. Calgary transit literally runs on it's own schedule

The YYC Transit app can be so useless sometimes. "The bus will be here in 5 minutes" really means 20. Be prepared to wait. 

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