Calgary's a pretty large city and every Calgarian knows that the North and South are very different. While they do have some similarities, it can almost seem like a different world to some of us. Many of us southerners don't even know what's up there to be completely honest.

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The south is basically constructed of new communities and suburbs. And more suburbs. ...And warehouses. Calgary's industrial area is also in the south. Which you get a lovely view of from Glenmore Trail.

Here are some signs that you are definitely a South Calgarian:

All you know is suburbs.

South Calgary is essentially suburbia.

You feel unsafe driving anywhere past downtown.

And sometimes even in downtown. I think I'd rather stay right here in the south... where it's... you know, safe.

Driving to North Calgary seems like trip.

But it's soooo far....

You went to Centennial, Dr. EP Scarlett, Bishop O'Byrne, Lord Beaverbrook, Henry Wise Wood, etc.

And if you lived off Deerfoot (Seton, McKenzie Towne Cranston, Auburn Bay, etc.) you had to go to school off Macleod because there are no high schools in your area.

You have no idea how to navigate around North Calgary.

I didn't know there was a world past Centre St.

You go to Mount Royal because it's just closer.

U of C is alllll the way in the NW...

You constantly think Forest Lawn & the whole 17 Ave SW area is in the North.

It's not, but it just seems like it is.

The construction on Sun Valley Blvd / 162 Ave disrupts your life daily.

And even though it's basically done, you're still confused.

The only malls you go to are Chinook and Southcentre.

Are there really any other malls?

You do everything on 130th, Shawnessy Shopping Centre or Deerfoot Meadows.

Hungry? 130th/Shawnessy Shopping Centre/Deerfoot Meadows. Groceries? 130th/Shawnessy Shopping Centre/Deerfoot Meadows. Need a bathroom? 130th/Shawnessy Shopping Centre/Deerfoot Meadows.

You avoid going out in the north because it's too far to drive/cab home.

Again, it's sooo far.

You lived so deep south that you went to school in or frequented Okotoks.


You've never actually driven by/past the Giant Blue Ring.

But you've seen pictures!

You only know the C-Train stations from Somerset/Bridlewood to Victoria Park.

I'm totally lost after that.

You lowkey hate going to Calaway Park.

It's a literal road trip. Is this even still Calgary?

You've nearly missed flights because the airport is so far.

I'd like to request a plane to fly me to the airport.

You feel like everyone lives in the North.

Why? What is so great up there?

Just when you thought the deep south could get any deeper... They built Legacy.

Might as well be De Winton.

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