What do you call a Calgary road dressed up as Batman? The Dark McKnight (Blvd).

(We clearly provide the utmost quality jokes here at Narcity.)

Happy Halloween! The one night a year that you can dress up, go all out, and most importantly, enjoy an abundance of free candy. In Calgary, that free candy is well-deserved since we didn't come to mess around this year. From sweet to spooky, here are some Calgarians that brought their absolute A-Game this Halloween:

via @yycadnanassafc21

@yycadnanassafc21 & @mags_assaf // Greek God & Medusa

via @natalie_leah

@natalie_leah // Piper & Pornstache from Orange Is The New Black

via @_yemimah

@_yemimah, @tovalisha, and @asheshashes as Cleopatra, Princess Jasmine & A Black Panther

via @bonnie.boyda

@bonnie.boyda // A mouse, duh.

via @sam_salo

@sam_salo & @ddavid_booth // Yoshi & Princess Peach

via @daraagarcia

@daraagarcia & @enzinho11 // Amy Winehouse & The Weeknd

via @_tkeats

@_tkeats@mikashana, @drea_r // Spice Girls

via @cree.ative_hmua

@cree.ative_hmua // Snapchat Rainbow Filter

via @nicole.titterton

@nicole.titterton & @island_grown // Eleven & Dustin from Stranger Things

via @brittanytaciuk.healthyliving

@brittanytaciuk.beautycounter // vampire ballerina

via @lifewhereweare

@lifewhereweare // Bride & a "D" Bag

via @subinakaurwatson

@subinawatson // Frida Kahlo


@queen.dee24 // Cheetahlicious Raven-Symone

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

@stephnichols & @t_searle // Fish & Fisherman

via @austin_masse

@austin_masse & @hollyholowath // Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

via @brycebravo

@brycebravo // Squad of Romans

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@just_emery & @e_chels // Nurses

via @dickensyyc

@dickensyyc // The Wizard of Oz

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