Ah, the movies. A night at the movies is one of the most multi-purposeful activities. From date night to family night, the movie theatre is often packed with people, young and old. The process of going to the movies is still exciting to me, from picking a movie to getting snacks and popcorn, to shoving your butt in people's faces trying to find a seat... it never gets dull.

However, being on the other end sometimes isn't as fun. The life of a Cineplex employee is no joke. And I'm sure if you clicked on this article, you already knew that. Don't get me wrong, while the perks of working at a movie theatre are great, (free movies, holla!) but the job itself can sure have it's days. Here are just a few of the struggles that all Cineplex employees know too well.

When someone calls asking about the showtimes for every movie playing in the entire theatre.

"The showtimes are all on cineplex.com so please google them, goodbye."

Or when they ask for an entire movie summary for every movie playing in the theatre.

Personally, I'm not IMDb, but that might be a good place to find the information you are looking for.

When you hear the keys jingling and you pick up the closest thing to you to look like you're working.

No, I wasn't curled up in a ball crying on the floor; I was just cleaning up all this spilled popcorn... haha...ha..ha.... please don't fire me.

"How much is a large popcorn? Okay, how much is a medium popcorn? How much is a small drink?"

*points to large, illuminated menu display, which contains all concession products and their prices*

Explaining the difference between "IMAX, UltraAVX, Real D 3-D, D-Box, etc, etc.."

And why they're different prices...


You think you're reaaaal slick, don't ya?

When guests get upset at the price of a ticket.

Ma'am, here at Cineplex we provide you with many different experiences. Like of example, for this D-Box movie, your chair moves and you are basically inside the film. This is why it is more expensive than a 2D movie with a chair that does not move.

When guests get surprised at any prices, really.

Hey, going to the movies ain't cheap, honey.

People who want fresh popcorn with no salt, in the middle of a giant rush.

Sure, no problem! I'll just spend the next 5 minutes doing that, while everyone else in the line waits oh so patiently... ?

"Can I get real butter?"

As opposed to what? Fake butter?

"Scene-It Card"

Wrong. You're so wrong.

Trying to navigate people through large Cineplex theatres.

"No, Theatre 4 is downstairs on the left, Theatre 5 is upstairs on the right."

"What time does the 8 p.m. showing start?"

Sorry, what's the question?

Getting blamed for people not being able to find good seats.

... I'm sorry? I think?

When guests accidentally purchase a "super-ticket" and you must explain to them what it is.

... And end up refunding it anyways.

When people try to sneak their babies into the theatres.

Y'all couldn't wait until Stars & Strollers? We have screenings every week.

2 words: Birthday. Parties.

It's a no from me.

Cleaning up messes that could've easily been prevented.

Sorry, tell me again why you were trying to balance your drink on your knee? We have cup-holders attached to your seat to prevent spills such as this one, sir.

Waiting for guests to find their SCENE Card.

I know, I know, "it's in there somewhere."

Cleaning up endless amounts of popcorn.

A recent study done by me, shows that 99.9% of people cannot find their mouths in the dark.

When people come in with small children and buy tickets for a Rated PG-13/R film.

Why would you like to subject this child to emotional scarring and a lifetime of nightmares?

"I know I had more SCENE points than this!"

Well, the system says otherwise. I'm very sorry, sir. That'll be $13.65

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