The Real Canadian Superstore. Basically, the parent shop of Canada's Loblaw grocery stores. If you clicked on this article, you've probably worked, currently work or aspire to work at Superstore, No Frills, Extra Foods or a similar store. Or perhaps you shop there frequently. Or maybe you just like to laugh at everyone's pain.

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Working at Superstore is quite an experience. While you gain insane people skills and learn how to stock and scan at the speed of light, there were a few things that made the job, well... not-so-awesome. Here are 21 struggles every Superstore employee knows all too well.

When customers decide to place items where they clearly do not belong.

What compelled you to place this head of lettuce with the Joe Fresh children's clothing? How do you just randomly decide you no longer want a head of lettuce?

Waiting for customers to find their PC Plus card.

I promise you, this $2 chocolate bar really isn't going to generate that many PC points.

When customers bring bulk/produce items without writing down the item/bin number.

I love going through this massive binder of all the product ID numbers/codes. It's my favourite thing to do.

And it's even worse when the item has a complicated name...

And the customer looks at you like you're incompetent because their bulk candy is labelled under "Red Band Sour Suckers" and not "Sour Soothers."

Memorizing product codes better than anything you've ever learned in school.

Someone explain how brain decides which information is valuable...

Having customers complain about how they have to pay the refundable dollar for a shopping cart.

"Well, Walmart doesn't-" Walmart obviously doesn't care if their carts get stolen, ma'am.

"Debit or Credit?" "It's a Mastercard."

*eye twitch*

Trying not to make eye contact with customers with overflowing carts when you're working cash.


When customers complain about the price difference between the No Name brand and the President's Choice brand.

It's literally a 10 cent difference.

When customers give you expired Superbucks.

...And having to explain to customers that we no longer accept Superbucks. Do you have a PC Plus card?

Seeing a lost kid every shift.

"Attention shoppers, if you misplaced a young boy in a "Paw Patrol" shirt, that is seemingly too old to still be sucking his thumb, please go to customer service."

"All checkout lanes are open weekends between 10 am - 8pm / 12pm - 5pm"

Madness. Pure madness. You're all animals!

When customers ask about a product and you have never seen that product before in your life.

Do we even sell that here? Where did you find that? This store is so unbelievably large.

When customers complain about being charged for bags.

Sorry, lady, we are trying to save the planet here. But we encourage you to purchase one of our PC grocery/shopping bags.

Feeling second-hand embarrassment when customers freak out at the PC Mastercard solicitors.

Hey, man. They're just doing their job.

When customers don't respect the neatly folded clothing table.

So, you're just gonna act like you didn't see me folding those, huh?

Having an internal organizational meltdown when customers put their groceries on the belt in no particular order.

You're just gonna put your vegetables and raw meat on your clothing items, ma'am?

Working cash on weekends is your worst nightmare.

*after 3 hours of scanning* "Your total comes to $673.91."

When customers try to make conversation when there's a long line behind them.

Please, don't do this.

Having sore knees/feet/legs after every shift.

My life hurts.

When customers come in with a million coupons.

Well, what can we say? We're The Real Canadian Superstore. "We're big on coupons!"

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