If there's one thing we know about Calgary, it's that we dress to impress. 2016 has been an insane year in terms of style for YYC. The city was filled with amazing people that pieced together outfits that portrayed their own individual styles that had us all shook. And of course, we couldn't let them go unrecognized.

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2016 was a great year for men's fashion/menswear. That being said, it can be quite hard to come across. When people think "fashion" they often think "Women's Fashion" and women's apparel... however, ladies, we aren't the only ones who slay. The men in Calgary have been stunting and trying to take that crown for best dressed.

There were so many well-dressed men in the city to choose from, this article could've been as long as the year was; however, I controlled myself and was able to condense it to 30 (as hard as it was.) - Let's take a look at 30 of Calgary's Best Dressed Men of 2016:

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James Six // via @jmulrain" target="_blank">@princejamessix

via @jmulrain

Justin Mulrain // @jmulrain


Hero // @hero.exe

via @streetgentlemen

Sunjeev Prasad // @streetgentlemen


Devon Squires // @devon.squires

via @nickyfow6

Nick // @nickyfow6


Yaw Addai // @yaw_a

via @djdeemaks

DJ Deemaks // @djdeemaks

via @theplaceformen

Abdu Hammoud // @abduhammoud

via @steezywalker

Malik Walker // @steezywalker

via @koryafolabi

Korede Afolabi // @koryafolabi

via @styledyyc

Sadiq // @styledyyc

via @kingrosales

Mark Friesen // @mjfriese


Zack Liban // @masud_

via @aobyyc

Ayobami O. Balogun // @aobyyc

via @angeljreliasola

Angel Jr. Elias Ola // @angeljreliasola

via @garrettgeck21

Garrett Geck // @garrettgeck21

via @undefined

Adom Bondzi // @bondzi23

via @bradiusmaximus

Bradley Beal // @bradiusmaximus

via @undefined

Josh Bartlett // @poshwank

via @erny2

Ernest Offei-Annor // @erny2


Cloude // @x.cloude


Ryan // @kimmyryann

via @patcliftonmusic

Pat Clifton // @patcliftonmusic

via @jaydios

Jared Sandau // @jaydios



via @djnewboy

DJ Newboy // @djnewboy

via @paulconradschneider

Paul Conrad Schneider // @paulconradschneider

via @alinafel

Alinafe // @alinafel

via @nenshi

Naheed Nenshi // @nenshi

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