Ah college, a wonderful time full of knowledge acquisition, friend-making, and discovering who you are and what career you want to pursue post-graduation. Translation: a hectic time full of coffee-fueled all-nighters, weekend benders with the friends you made as a wee freshman in residence, and having an early life crisis at least once every week because you don't know what you're doing with your life. 

There are many Calgary colleges and universities, each providing different and unique experiences of post-secondary life. When you accept your offer of admission from your dream school, you are becoming part of their collective identity as a student body. Here's what your college/university says about you: 

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1. University of Calgary

If you go here, you either really love Bermuda shorts, dinosaurs, or were looking for the closest thing to an American college experience that you could get in Alberta. You likely ski and brag about how cold winters in Calgary can get, but will still complain that you have to trek outside to get to your classes. Odds are, the best days of your university career likely take place at the annual hockey game against Mount Royal, or while you're dressed in clothes much too skimpy for the spring temperatures on Bermuda Shorts Day. Nonetheless, if you are a dino, you study hard but party hard(er).

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2. Mount Royal University

If you go here, odds are that you were drawn to Mount Royal for your unique program choice, a quieter campus, or a closer commute from home. At least that's what most would assume, but who can deny the beauty of its campus, the accessibility to your professors, and the close-knit community vibe of this school? You're likely a people-person who prefers a close-knit relationship with a professor than a lecture with 400 other students. And I have to say, Mount Royal takes the cake for school spirit during the Crowchild Classic hockey game. Students here like to have fun but won't sacrifice a grade for it, but tell them UofC is a better school and be prepared for a fight! 

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3. Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD)

If you go to ACAD, you're definitely artsy and alternative af. If you're not vegan, you're at least vegetarian, and you've probably dyed your hair a wild colour at least once. You're tired of your friends and family chirping you for not having "real classes", and you hate capitalism. You also create some of the coolest and most meaningful art Calgary has to offer, and are a total badass. 

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4. St. Mary's University

If you go here, it's because you wanted a small and tight-knit university experience, and want to get away from the party lifestyle of some of the bigger Calgary universities. Guaranteed if you go here you are a stand-up human being, who probably volunteers on your available weekends and spends your winter break catching up and spending time with family rather than going on a spring break bender with classmates. These individuals are a breath of fresh air, and are A+ friends.

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5. Bow Valley College

If you go to Bow Valley College, you're a level-headed individual who loves hands-on learning. You're probably the kid who was friends with pretty much everyone in high school. You boast about your downtown location and get to enjoy lunch breaks in the sun eating sandwiches at Olympic Plaza. You're pretty chill, but also know how to get down and have a good time. 

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6. Ambrose University 

Often overlooked, Ambrose offers a fantastic (yet small) environment for those looking for an inclusive university experience. If you go here you either came for that experience, or your religious high school went on so many field trips here that you felt obligated to enroll. You were probably the quiet, kinda kid in high school, but have come out of your shell being at such a tight-knit university. Students here are some of the nicest millennials you'll meet! 

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7. Rocky Mountain College

If you go to Rocky Mountain College, you probably play some sort of musical instrument which you are ready to whip out for impromptu jam sessions at any moment. You love how your school gives you the opportunity to attain post-secondary education while enriching your faith. You love helping others, and are probably pursuing a degree that will help you do just that.

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8. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

If you go to SAIT, you know what you want to do with your life (which is likely more than anyone at university can say for themselves). You probably are an Android lover, love a good meme, and have no problem bragging about your campus which is sick af. Whether you came here pursuing independence or working with your hands, there's one thing all SAIT students have in common: you're probably going to end up making more money than most of your friends. 

Though there's always going to be stereotypes, let us be the first to tell you that university and college is a time where finding yourself might mean many things, one being possibly going against the grain and not "fitting in" to the majority. That's what makes this time in your life the coolest, you get to meet so many new and unique people. At the end of the day, there's one thing we can all agree on, and that's the fact that Calgs has some of the best colleges and university around (not to mention the coolest peeps attending them).

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