I'm sure you've all heard the cliche saying, "Never judge a book by it's cover." Of course this still holds true when you get to university, but since you're in the real world now, it's time to be a bit more skeptical about who you're hanging around with.

I find that one of the best ways to get to know someone without asking them all that many questions is to ask them their major. What a person chooses to pursue a future career in says a lot about them as a person. This isn't to say that you shouldn't hang out with someone who studies a specific thing, but you can definitely make assumptions about who you would get along best with.

What do your fellow Cougars think of you based on your faculty? Keep reading to find out:

1. Arts

Former high school hipsters trying to find themselves and become real adults by going to university.

2. Business

These kids probably spend more money on business attire than they do on tuition.

3. Child Studies

Probably the most patient people you'll ever meet; I know I couldn't study children for 4 years.

4. Communications

Basically a gang of super-opinionated, usually loud and sometimes obnoxious television/radio hosts/blogger moms in training (I can say this because I'm one of them).

5. Computer Information Systems

Fluent not only in English, but also at least 2 or 3 scripting languages.

6. Health and Physical Education

Frequent Lululemon shoppers, can always be found either in the library or at the gym.

7. Interior Design

These guys were probably everyone's favourite art nerd in high school.

8. Nursing

You'll feel like you're in an episode of Grey's Anatomy whenever you walk through the nursing wing and see everyone in scrubs.

9. Science

Know how to spot a science student in a crowd? You won't have to, they'll let you know before you even ask.

10. Aviation

Tinder bio is probably something along the lines of "I can fly you anywhere you wanna go 😉".

11. Social Work

You rarely see these guys around because they're always studying or working. 

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