One of our favourite street food stops has added insane milkshakes to their menu! The Street Eatery on 890 4th Street SW just debuted shakes that will blow your mind. Seriously. These drinks are a work of art.

These $14 masterpieces, which are unofficially named "Street Shakes" (how freakin' cute, right?) are a foot tall. A whole foot of insane deliciousness! The Street Eatery offers these shakes in three different flavours, including a "Sweet-n-Salty" shake, which I can already tell is going to raise my risk of type 2 diabetes, but I have no regrets.

In honour of this new addition to their menu, The Street Eatery is giving away 10 milkshakes today! How rad! But note, this is just a soft launch of the shakes, so there's only a limited quantity. So, be quick before they run out! Grab your pals and stop by The Street Eatery for a treat that will shake up your world! Pun definitely intended.

via @streeteateryyyc

Photo cred - The Street Eatery

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