Calgary is a parking nightmare. YYC has the second highest parking rates in North America, right under New York, because we must be repeatedly punished for owning a motorized vehicle. Our lovely city's "parking robots" give out tickets like candy. However, Calgary, it's not Halloween.

CBC's Marketplace's study shows that Calgary gave out 283,070 tickets in the year of 2015. And the spot that produced the most parking tickets? 340 10 Ave SW. Also known as the City Centre Parkade. Oh, the incredible irony.

A total of 8,564 tickets were given out at the City Centre Parkade in the year 2015. It's unimaginable what would be more infuriating than receiving a ticket in a parkade. Many blame our insane ticketing issue on the parking officer "smart car system" in which the vehicles take photos of license plates. The smart car system has given out a total of 92,000 tickets in 2015.

In conclusion, the city generated around $21 million dollars in parking tickets in 2015. Parking insanity. All we can say is, may the parking force be with you.

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