While cannabis is legal throughout the country, illegal and illicit sales of the drug is still not allowed by law. So, police are still on the lookout for illegal drug trafficking in Canada. We often hear about big drug seizures throughout our nation, but this story will definitely knock your socks off.

Alberta RCMP scored big when they seized nearly 500,000 joints worth of marijuana in Banff a few weeks ago. RCMP released a statement today concluding their findings and what they were able to seize during the large drug heist. 

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Last month on Saturday, January 26, Alberta RCMP Traffic Services made a gigantic drug seizure during a traffic stop in Banff, Alberta. The traffic stop led the RCMP officer to "form grounds that the lone occupant of the vehicle was in possession of cannabis for the purpose of distribution." 

After searching the vehicle, the RCMP member found a shocking amount of cannabis that would lead to a major drug seizure. 

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Via Alberta RCMP

The suspect was holding onto approximately 326 lbs of cannabis in his car, 10 lbs of psilocybin mushroom, 4.5 lbs of cannabis resin, 2 lbs of THC edibles and $11,000 in Canadians cash. This cop definitely stumbled on the right car during that traffic stop!

Alberta RCMP confirmed that the crazy amount of marijuana seized was enough to make over 440,000 average sized joints. If that's not crazy, I don't know what is! They also added that there were nearly 9000 doses of mushrooms in the car. 

Via Alberta RCMP

The RCMP reminded Canadians in their statement that trafficking of marijuana is still considered illegal. The statement reads, "We remind Albertans that cannabis trafficking is illegal. The recent legalization of cannabis means that there are legal avenues to obtain and consume cannabis," says Cpl. Kyle Maetche, Alberta RCMP Traffic Services.

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He also added that, "I am very proud of the great team work and determination that our members display across the province to keep Albertans safe."

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