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This Canadian Province Is On Alert After Multiple Sightings Of “Bold” Wolves

Parks Canada issued a warning after wolves have been spotted in Western areas of Canada.

With summer winding down and autumn quickly approaching, these next few weeks are going to be the last to get in any final camping trips. Cooler temperatures mean that ideal camping season is going to be over in the next month, even for the most outdoorsy of people. 

But for some Canadians, camping this fall will have some added danger that you may not have been expecting. Currently, Alberta is under watch due to a high level of "bold wolves" being seen in the area. 

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Parks Canada told Global News that they have witnessed wolves showing what they call "bold behaviour" along the Bow Valley Parkway west of Calgary. The warning for the area spans to all campsites and only allows the daytime use of facilities to avoid contact with the animals. 

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Parks Canada has also issued a reminder to those travelling the outdoors this fall to never approach wildlife, especially when it comes to enticing them or feeding them. It only puts you at risk. 

They also reminded those visiting the parks that food and garbage should be secured inside a building or vehicle to ensure animals cannot get it. As well to carry bear spray and know how to use it. 

Source: Global News 

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